Misfortunes is a one-man synth project based in Thessaloniki, Greece and formed in 2014 by Ioakim Vasileiadis. On September 24, 2020 he released his second album "The Isle of Tomorrow" on Tonn Recordings, an independent record label based in Belfast. The LP comes in 12" black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and lyrics, but also as a digital release. The lyrics, some of which are in Greek, have been written by various contributors featuring poems by Markos-Valsamis Lyritsis, Constantinos Georgiadis, Nikolina Chatzipantazi, Kosmas Lazaridis and Ioakim Vasileiadis.

 The opening track "Blood Disco" had already been released in 2019 as a digital single. A great track that captures your attention immediately and showcases Misfortune’s nice combination of minimal synth and modern darkwave. Then we have the majestic sounding "Είμαι Εσύ" (I Am You) and "Sealed Windows". While on "Στο Τέλος του Δρόμου" (At The End Of The Road) Ioakim’s vocal is deep and dark. The first side of the record ends with "Forever And A Day", another example of his 80’s inspired synth sound, combining coldwave, minimal synth and synthwave.

 On the second side we have "Mercury" that starts as spoken word piece with textures of synthesizers in the background, before the 80’s pop beat steps in. The next track "Diomede Islands" has that early EBM sound, reminiscent of Front 242. The Eighties decade of the previous century are also praised on the 80ish "Directed Lies" and on the last track "Μαύρο Τσουκάλι" (Black Cauldron) that sounds literally as if recorded back then.

 The digital release has a further two tracks, "Another Me" and "First Light" that are in the same vein as the main tracks of the album.


Review by Nick Drivas


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The electronic, avant-garde, dark ambient, experimental, industrial noise project from Greece, Conjecture, has just released a new EP "∫V". This is a companion EP to his full-length LP "V" (released on Amek in 2019). According to the artist, in mathematical language the “∫” means “complete” and so the record contains previously unheard music, written during the recording sessions of "V".

 The EP consists of three previously unheard solo pieces of Conjecture's signature introspective yet powerful take on post-industrial music, but also features three guest interpretations (remixes) of the same material. First is "ΛΑΣΠΗ" (Mud), with Conjectures familiar apocalyptic soundscapes. A kind of nocturnal track filled with distant industrial noises in a dark ambient setting. On the next track "ΦΟΝΟΣ" (Murder) things get a bit more intense, dominated by a monotonous drum strike and an icy synth line. The third new composition is "ΛΥΜΗ" (Great Depression) where the noises get louder around a revolving motoric synth rhythm that later intensifies with the addition of a metallic sounding drumbeat.

 The second part of this EP features the three remixes, that re-envision Conjecture's music and bring its already deep and nuanced sound to a whole new level. The track "ΛΑΣΠΗ (Antechamber Remix)" is treated by the Viennese producer Mahk Rumbae, who amplifies Conjectures more delicate ambient approach with more emphasis on the industrial noises. The same could be said for "ΦΟΝΟΣ (Tалос Remix)", mixed by the audio visual project duo Tалос, that also has added vocals provided by Glen Tartaglia of the project ]interstice[. While on "ΛΥΜΗ (Late Remix)" by Emil Mitov of the experimental music project Late from Sofia, Bulgaria, we have yet another take on an original filtered through the remixer’s own prism.

 All music was written by Vasilis Angelopoulos between 2018-2019 and was mastered by Sotiris Laskaris. The cover photo is by Vaia Pilafa, with cover model Hawk Stigmata (of the project Liebchen). Apart from the digital release, "∫V" will also be available as a limited-edition cassette C30, limited to 66 copies.


Review by Nick Drivas


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The Beauty Of Gemina is a band from Switzerland founded by Michael Sele in 2006. They just released their ninth album "Skeleton Dreams" on September 4th, 2020. The Zürich band are known for their blend of darkwave, americana, alternative rock and indie-folk wave.

 The opener "A Night Like This" served as a single with its video released a few days before the album. A classic example of their dark alt. rock with melodic guitars and Michael Sele’s characteristic voice. Then with "Naked" we have a semi-acoustic stripped bare track. Like much of the album, the songs are very emotional and dreamy in feel. On the acoustic "Maybe God Knows" things get more American folk, while on "Friends Of Mine" we have an even more stripped down acoustic track with a haunted feel, with some nice strings adding to the atmosphere. In the same vein we have "Resurgence" but more electric. The atmosphere is more subtle again with "Where Has It All Gone" that has some nice strumming guitars and icy keyboards.

 Halfway through we have "Rainbow Man", another dive in dark Americana territory. Followed by "Dark Suzanne" on which they pick up on the pace. Next is their brilliant cover of the Sisters Of Mercy song "Nine While Nine" where they have brought this classic to match their own sound. We have a return to the acoustic set up with the gentle "I Come To Grief" before the band burst into the melodic electric guitar driven "Apologise", a song that had premiered earlier in July when it was released as a first single and the official video was uploaded. The album finishes with the gentle bare acoustic tracks "The World Is Going On" and the ending piano piece "Hold On To This Night".

 Overall, a great sounding album by a band that has left nothing to chance. The band here consist her of Michael Sele (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, grand piano, organ, keyboards, arrangements and programming), Philipp Küng (bass guitar, percussions, keyboards, arrangements), Andi Zuber (bass guitar) and Mac Vinzens (drums). The music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Sele at Icecube Studio Mels, during March - June 2020 and was produced by Michael Sele and Philipp Küng.


Review by Nick Drivas


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The dark electronic project Metal Disco released their third album "Sex, Drugs & Hardware" on September 8th, 2020 on Werkstatt Recordings. On this release Metal Disco (main man Toxic Razor) has collaborated with various artist from the indie dark electronic scene.

 First, we get into the electronic vibe of the album with "Nowy Wymiar", a track featuring Marta Raya (known to us from her previous band Monowelt) on vocals and lyrics. On "Inexorable Romance", we have Toxic Razer singing a more oldschool electro/EBM track. In the same vein we have "Aurora Resurgens" with lyrics by Keren Batok (courtesy Of Psi, Isotropia & Red Sol). The tone changes on "For A Ghost Named Lothario" that features Sky Lesco (of Tearful Moon) on vocals and lyrics. Here the analog synths are more evident, giving it a more retro feel. Next is "Addiction" a night synth track with Toxic Razer himself again on vocals.

 The mood changes with the more danceable "Excess (feat. Night Haze)" where we find PlasticineK taking lead vocals. On the next track "Sore Heart" the lyrics are provided by Chroma Carbon (courtesy of Factice Factory / Sine Silex). We have another collaboration on "Dimensions Of The Eye" that features the Greek dark/minimal wave duo Incirrina and especially Irini Tini’s characteristic vocals. Toxic Razer steps up again to the mic stand for "Burn It Down", a track that has all the elements of the darkwave, minimal, new wave and synth-pop genres as on the ending title-track "Sex, Drugs & Hardware".

 This release comes in a limited-edition CD professionally duplicated cd in shrink-wrap, in a standard jewel case with an 8-page booklet with lyrics. Also, it comes as a limited-edition cassette in black shell, in a clear case and a double-sided printed 3-panel j-card with lyrics.


Review by Nick Drivas


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The project Liebchen was setup in the mid 2010s in Berlin by Hawk Stigmata (Apostolis Zanias) known from his previous bands Phoenix Catscratch και Flesh United. Now having returned to Athens he has teamed up with Vasilis Angelopoulos (Conjecture) and released on September 3rd, 2020 their first EP "Daemon". So, the electronic hybrid duo featured on this release is Hawk Stigmata, who provides the lyrics and vocals and Conjecture who produces the electronic punk-industrial EBM sounds.

 First track is "Sickness". A track that was first heard back in March when uploaded as a video directed by MarIa Damkalidi. The track is a powerful breed of electro and industrial EBM with Hawk spitting out passionately his esoteric but socially political lyrics like “I was a witness, to this sickness”. Next is "Hold Me Tighter", a more industrial based track with a deep metronomic stomp. Lyrically, the song is emotional set, with feelings of despair “Like a liar on a witch trial, drink the fire and take the blame, like a liar on a witch trial, don’t you feel the same?” and longingness “If you wanna hold me tighter, I will ask you now to stay, If you wanna hold me tighter, you can always call my name…”

 On "Embrace My Blood" we have a danceable synth track with a rhythm enhanced with break beats, while on "ΠΕΤΡΑ (Petra / Stone)" the duo has managed to bring a nice sense of brutality and sensitivity in the same song. The inspiration for "ΠΕΤΡΑ" came from an important life event that happened to Liebchen and is dedicated to all the children that have been bullied out there, all the freaks, the free spirits, their LGBTQ brothers and sisters and to all the children that didn't make it and never saw the light “But please stay alive, I’ll promise you the light…”. The EP closes with the electronically fueled up "Desire". Here things get more techno fused with Hawk all fired up singing “There’s fire now in the temple, a sadness in your eyes…” and “Desire! Fotia! Can you taste that desire?!”.

 The lyrics written by Hawk Stigmata in general are an expression of the hunger that human brain has in order to complete the journey of the heart. All the songs, according to the band, are an electronic political statement about freedom lgbtq/human rights and a big respect and dedication towards freedom that bring us closer to the great divine.

 Review by Nick Drivas


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The pioneers of deathrock, Mephisto Walz, have returned with the new album "All These Winding Roads". The album is now available digital, released September 2nd, but will also be out on CD by Dark Vinyl Records. Mephisto Walz was formed in 1986 by Barry Galvin (aka Bari-Bari) after his departure from the influential deathrock band Christian Death. After a long career Bari-Bari is now with Myriam Galvin on vocals and had first worked together on their previous album "Scoundrel" in 2017.

 As stated by Bari-Bari, who has done all the production, the album is described as “New vocalists, new songs, unreleased tracks, old vocalists merged into a new release”. Something that is obvious from the first track "The Lost And Haunted" that features Veronica Campbell (of Death Loves Veronica) on vocals and words. Then on "They'll Never Find You", a great track that shows that Mephisto Walz still have what it takes, we have Mari Kattman on vocals with Myriam writing the words. Next is the cover of The Hollies pop song "Stop In The Name Of Love" featuring on vocals Christine Leonard, Mephisto Walz’s first female singer. While on "Is This Really My Life" with Mari Kattman on vocals and Myriam writing the words we have one of the more ethereal songs of the album. As on all the album, we hear Bari-Bari's signature songwriting style and distinctive wall of chorus/delay-effected guitar sound. Another cover follows with the 1960’s instrumental "Apache" written by Jerry Lordan.

 Veronica Campbell appears also on "When No One's Left To Hear", a classic upbeat oldschool deathrock track. The cover "Like The Wind" follows with vocals provided by Alastrelle Delyon (of Dead Souls Rising). A 80’s rock song written by an unknown artists that has become famous as “The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet”. Things calm down and get darker on "Here Lies Forever" featuring Veronica Campbell who provides once again vocals and words. In the same vein, but more atmospheric, we have "Firefly" with vocals and lyrics provided by Johna. We get to hear beloved Christine Leonard again on "Skin", the classic Madonna cover originally released on the "Virgin Voices / A Tribute To Madonna" in 2000. The album closes with the more dynamic "Suntanned Satans", with thumping drums, screaming guitars and Bari-Bari taking lead vocals.

 Review by Nick Drivas


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The Greek post punk / darkwave, legendary band Leyki Symphonia have returned with a new single and official music video for "Black Twilight". This brand-new single was released on August 20th, 2020 just a few months after their latest album "Like The Sun". The new song is sung in English, something new by the band that until now only sung in their native Greek. The video was filmed by Yannis Margetousakis and the video was made by Lukas Stumpf. 

Bandcamp: https://lefkisymphonia.bandcamp.com/track/black-twilight-single






So far away

a deserted land

the skies torn apart

and a heavy rain

will drown the sins


visions of the fall

The cities will burn

the vast horizons will call

Our breaths echoing in the dead of night

Our shadows melt together as we run and hide

Forever and never

and out of sight

Our souls crying and

longing for the black twilight

We stand alone

One by one we die

In rooms with no doors

we kill the love

we chase the light

There where the seas of time

rage and disappear

the serpents call the sun

and the angels lay and wait

The endless pain

forever by my side

until the eternal ice

will heal the wounds

and hide the tears from my eyes

Our breaths echoing in the dead of night

our shadows melt together as we run and hide

forever and never

and out of sight

Our souls crying and

longing for the black twilight

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The English goth/rock band Rosetta Stone returned with the new album "Cryptology", released on August 6, 2020 by Cleopatra Records. They had reappeared last year when after an 19 year absence, they released "Seems Like Forever", an album with material from frontman’s Porl King solo project Miserylab. A year later he has returned with an album containing 10 original tracks.

 The album opens with "Shock", a track that immediately sets the tone of the whole album. A classic Rosetta Stone composition, where Porl King has managed to merge oldschool 90’s goth with the present darkwave/post-punk scene. He has kept the sound minimal, using only drum machine, bass, guitar and some keyboards. The next track "Valiant Try" sounds even more like their older classical era and is surely an album standout. The only difference, compared to the old days, when they had  a heavily guitar driven sound, is the use of one guitar instead of two, with the keyboards taking one’s place. Making the songs sound a bit sparser and more atmospheric. This new approach is even more evident on tracks like "With This [I’m Done]", "In Black" and the more upbeat "Soon".

 Halfway through (opener of the second side of the vinyl issue) we have "Remember (Don’t)", one of the darker tracks of the album, with some really great interplay between the bassline and the guitars. Other great examples of the new sound that binds their old sound to modern day standards are "I Put It To You" and the darker "Doesn’t Bode Well". Another great track is the more melodic "Smoke & Mirrors" with its nice piano arpeggios. As on all the record, Porl’s characteristic voice sounds great, haunting all the songs, sounding dark and troubled in a mysterious way. The album closes graciously with "Always Always" where Porl’s echoey vocals intervene nicely with the guitar melodies.

 The album is available on both CD as well as vinyl in your choice of purple or classic black, via Los Angeles based Cleopatra Records.


Review by Nick Drivas


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The legendary Clan Of Xymox have just released their 13th studio album "Spider On The Wall" (not counting the 4 albums released under the name Xymox) and first in three years. The new album has 10 new songs with their signature blend of darkwave / electro and melancholic rock. The album is out July 24th via Trisol and Metropolis Records.

The opener is "She" the first single that was released initially on Valentine’s day, February 14th. A beautiful danceable old-school post-punk track that meets modern darkwave and goth, with classic post-punk guitars and eerie ethereal synths. With the next song "Lovers", the second single off the album, we have a calmer romantic but painfully heartbroken track. Things step up again with "Into The Unknown" with its driving beat and jangly guitars. Their classic electro driven darkwave is all over "All I Ever Know" that was released as the third single in July. Here the beat gets more electro and playful, but the atmosphere balances with Ronny’s characteristic melancholic and desperate vocal tone. In similar vibe, but less electro and more darkwave, we have "I Don't Like Myself".

Halfway through we have the title track "Spider On The Wall", a dark elegiac track with thumping drums. Next is "When We Were Young", another dark track with a brooding bassline. "Black Mirror" that follows continues in the same darkwave/goth style with a chant like chorus. As with all the second half of the album, "My New Lows" is among their more darkwave post-punk driven tracks. The same could be said for "See You On The Other Side" that closes the album. A more upbeat track with a more positive feel.

One again frontman Ronny Moorings has delivered a modern-day classic darkwave / goth album. In general, by listening to the whole album, we see that the band have managed to sound more like their self-titled debut album and of their second studio album "Medusa", released on 4AD in the 80’s, merging the old and the new in a great inspired way.

Review by Nick Drivas

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The dark project Das Noir from Athens, has returned with its second full length album. Sole member of this project is Nick Drivas, who experiments using many samples taken from movies and music. This album "Das Noir II" was released exactly a year after the self-titled debut. Since then, only the new track "Cold" (that is also included here) was featured on our "Stimmen Der Seele vol.5" compilation.

The album begins with "The Night", a two-minute track that’s dark and nocturnal with Nick singing, playing bass and guitar amidst the howling of wolves. "Kind" that follows is a more emotional piece that is overwhelmed by Bruno Ganz’s recitation from the movie Wings Of Desire. Next is "Existence", another moody track that uses Sam Riley’s voice from the Ian Curtis/Joy Division movie Control. On "A New Day Of Fear" that follows, we hear a dark track with Nick providing the vocals but also using television clips from news reports of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The next track "Cold" is a dark post-punk track with a bold rhythm section featuring once again Nick on vocals and instruments.

Halfway through we have the atmospheric "The Maker Of My Own Evil" where we hear actor Isabelle Adjani’s troubled voice from the 1981 movie Possession merged with analogue synths and a Joy Division drum sample. While on "Day Of Wrath", we hear Richard Burton’s voice from The War of the Worlds on top of the music of the famous 13th century Latin Catholic hymn, "Dies Irae". "Amazing Phenomenon" that follows, has a more sci-fi feel with dialogue from the 1951 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still used as vocals on top of a Kraftwerk beat. Next is "Secrets" that is inspired from various vampire movies. A doom-laden epic track with thumping drums and Gregorian chants. "Treasure" is a tribute to the Cocteau Twins, where all the samples are taken from various songs from the bands work and for vocals the voice of Elizabeth Fraser has been taken from various interviews. The album closes with "Man Of Sorrow", another epic track that covers the last days of the Christian Messiah.

An interesting group of songs in general, that although they contain many samples (some of which are know from their original source), Das Noir manages to incorporate them in his arrangements in a unique way creating something completely new.

Review: Rise&Fall

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The new album by Ataraxia is a 7 (very long) tracks concept album, referring to the Holy number of 7, like the colours of the rainbow or of the Archangels of the Ortodox doctrine.

Every track of the album is dedicated το an Archangel and to his  correspondent etheric energy. The aim of this music is to create with the vibration of the notes a spiritual path toward Knowledge and the Divine, both the one dwelling above and the divine sparkle within us, that for syncronicity is going to be published in those hard days that will shape a new future.

"Iniziazione" has a mystic-alchemic atmosphere that with the music that reminds of progressive, and the voice of Francesca Nicoli, that ranges from angelic-like highs to a summoning like spoking calling of Gabriel, the archangel from which is inspired this first track.

 "Nebula" has a slow, sweetly dream like bucolic music, that brings us back to the magic harmony of the lost Golden Age, outlined also by the voice of Francesca, that here sings in italian a praise to the beauty of Mother Nature. Listening to it you can feel back in Eden experiencing the bliss of the Eternal Harmony. Gabriel is the archangel of the Announcement, and I like to think that composing its song they could have imagined him to come and announce the awakening of  mankind and our awakening under a new consciousness.

"Oneness" has an epic atmosphere, like the legend of Michael, the Archangels that picked up the Sword to defeat the Dragon and save Heaven. It conveys strength and at the same time love and connection with the Divine, because warriors fight for love, and their (here ethereal) land, returns its devotion with angelic choirs praises, masterfully interpreted by Francesca.

"Sex is a prayer", is opened by the contrast between the "heavy" bassline and the sweet and seducing voice of Francesca, that sound like a representation of the male-female duality; then the music rises, like the heartbeat in a climax, to return slow and sweet again, like the moment when two lovers embrace, and join their souls in the higher communion of two souls that have experienced for a while the pleasure of returning a whole. This song is dedicated to  Chamael, the ruler of Love, and of the Quest for the Holy Graal, because what else could be in that divine Chalice if not Love in its purest, deepest form?

"Radiance" is an hypnotic track, that gives a divine vertigo, taking us in a sort of Elevation - vertigo. The mystical side is out stands in the repeated OM, on which Francesca sings with a voice ranging from high to deeply evocative words that might be inspired by both Buddhism and the iconology of  Jehudiel, because when  our awareness is enlightened by a higher radiance, names and doctrines doesn't matter any more, as we witness the nameless essence of the Truth.

"The timeless" brings us back to a blissful atmosphere, but this track, instead of the Harmony with the material Nature, makes me think more about the journey of a soul back to the Source of everything. The echoes of the voice at the beginning make me thing about the dismay at the Gate where immensity becomes Infinite, and time becomes time-less, because it loses its meaning into Eternity, then, note after note, line after line, the music, the voice of Francesca succeed in the ultimate Transmutation of the White Opera: the Return, after being purified by  Tdzadkiel's flame.

"Beyondness" is the ultimate step of this journey, and to me is like an artistic door opening on the mindset of of an Initiated: people whose sight and mind stretch beyond the appearance of a moment or of a situation to reach the deep reason and meaning of life and whatever happens during it. For this reason the song, dedicated to Uriel, the ruler of extrasensorial gifts, has a transcendent aura, a sense of duality, of being "here" and somewhere else at the same time.

Review by Lory Dusk

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The darkwave project Iamtheshadow from Lisbon, Portugal began in 2015 by Pedro Code (previously in the bands The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory). Now with the lineup consisting of Pedro Code (voices, guitar, synthesizers, programming), Vitor J. Moreira (synthesizers) and Herr G (bass), they have just released their fourth album "Pitchblack" on the German Cold Transmission label. The band from the very moment, when they released their stunning debut "Everything In This Nothingness" back in 2016, attracted a massive amount of attention from the dark scene. They have also proven to be a very productive unit, having released an album every year.

The opener "Lifeless" is a more electronic track, where Pedro’s amazing deep voice dominates and sets the atmosphere. On "Always" that follows, we have a lovely dark melodic tune. Next is the title-track "Pitchblack", a pulsing darkwave track with cold synths spread through it. In similar vein we have "The Days", a bleaker track and the more melodic "Higher Than The Soul". Then we have "Awake & Asleep" that features the familiar voice of Diego Merletto from The Frozen Autumn. A great track with deep melodic bassline and some uplifting synths in the chorus.

Halfway through we hear "Shivers", a song that surely standout, a classic example of Pedro’s songwriting. Electronic drumming, deep basslines, icy synths, melancholy guitar riffs, topped with Pedro’s emotional vocals. We have a shift in style on the track "Ouroboros" that features on vocals Kadri Sammel from Bedless Bones. A rhythmic tune that exchanges the male and female vocals between Pedro and Kadri nicely. On "Grace" they return to Iamtheshadow’s familiar sound, while on the slower "Rise", featuring Yvette Winkler from Vaselyne, we have yet another male-female duet. As we reach towards the end, we have the darker "To Last", a down beat song with a shoegaze feel. The album closes with melodic "Undress", a song that sums up all the general sound of the whole album.

A beautiful album, and it keeps the atmosphere from their last album "Embracing The Fall" from 2018. Again, we hear their artistic influences that vary and navigate from the blackest and sharpest sounds of the 80s. Their modern touch of dark romance, where melody and words touch deeply have managed to make them loved by an ever-growing audience.

Review by Nick Drivas

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The legendary Berlin band Einstürzende Neubauten have returned after more than 12 years with their long-awaited new studio album "Alles In Allem" It contains ten songs that explore the German capital city that has been home to the band for the past four decades. "Alles In Allem" is the first proper Einstürzende Neubauten album following "The Jewells" in 2008, however, the band did release the World War I concept album "Lament" in 2014.

The official promotion synopsis for the album read “An extremely cynical reflection of the state of the capital, which has become a song, did not make it onto the album, leaving a hole around which there were far more differentiated debates with Berlin. So Blixa Bargeld wanders through memories, through dreams, assembles fragments – and yet it is always about the presence of this intangible city”.

Their 40th anniversary album begins with the first single, the moody and jazzy percussive "Ten Grand Goldie". A typical Neubauten song, with its characteristic custom-made percussive sounds with various materials. The second track "Am Landwehrkanal" has a more traditional feel, like a song from older days, with its singalong style and accordion. Things get more ‘metallic’ with "Möbliertes Lied", although the tempo is kept low. On top of a metallic percussion and Blixa’s spoken word a beautiful keyboard brings to it a great atmosphere. The haunting "Zivilisatorisches Missgeschick" follows, a unique track filled with both quiet passages and screaming siren outbursts. "Taschen" that follows is a beautiful low-key piece with melancholy strings. In the same vein we have "Seven Screws".

The second single, the title track "Alles In Allem" meaning All In All, was released during the Corona-virus pandemic quarantine. A stylish and cinematically moody piece, is surely a standout, featuring crooning surreal lyrics with Blixa’s baritone voice. The album continues in a quite tone with "Grazer Damm" and "Wedding" that slightly climaxes with the repeatedly singing of the of the song’s name, a district of the city of Berlin. The album closes with "Tempelhof", another a district of Berlin and name of its old airport. Again, we have a gentle piece of music, almost cinematic, with more strings, harps and Blixa’s almost whispering vocals.

The unique sound and textual landscapes of the band reveal the timelessness that members Blixa Bargeld, N. U. Unruh, Alexander Hacke, Jochen Arbeit and Rudolph Moser have continuously maintained. Their ongoing sound research, combining edgy sound with sophisticated poetry, through experimental approaches to songwriting, has provided us with yet another great piece of work, mature as the band itself has matured gracefully.

Review by Nick Drivas

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'Stimmen Der Seele' is a cold, dark, experimental compilation created by DIE SEELE radio-webzine, featuring underground, unsigned artists carefully selected to amaze the listener with authentically inspired music. 

released April 14, 2020

A DieSeele radio production 

Production,Editing : Nikos Katsigialos 

Album Photo : Marilia Fotopoulou 

Artwork Design : Υοrgos Panteleon 

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The Black Capes are a Greek gothic rock band formed in 2016. They first released their debut album "All These Monsters" in 2017. Now they return with their second album "Lullabies For The Dead" in April 2020, on the German Dark Tunes label.

The album begins in a very dynamic way with "And I Wait". A classic goth rocker, with very powerful guitars and a catchy chorus line. The video, directed by Sergio Ko and Please Insert Coin, depicts the band performing in a dim lite room. The track "Sprinkle Your Sand Morpheus" follows. Here things get darker, with singer Alexander S Wamp providing some deep vocals, while guitarist Thanos Jan follows providing the guitar riffs. Next up is their cover of The Cult’s classic song "Rain". A very fine cover indeed, where the band has managed to incorporate the song into their own style without altering the original elements of this timeless classic. Major difference is Ian Astbury’s characteristic Cherokee style has been replace with o more monolithic vocal. Things get more melodic with the guitar driven "The Blood Is The Life", where Alexander’s partially harsh vocal is almost spoken word. The song is also enhanced sonically with some theremin.

The album continues in the same vein but maybe with a more hark rock vibe, like on the tracks "From Beyond The Grave", "A Dream Of The Tower" and "The Gun Of Love" which has some nice piano touches to it. Their influences, bands such as Type o Negative, The 69 Eyes, The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim and The Mission can all be heard here in these songs, like "Welcome To The Necroclub" and "Gotham" that have a bit of all. The album closes with slower "War Is Where You Make It", the longest track of the record. Here, the band offer a dark epic track with a more doom atmosphere.

In general, the band, consisting of Alexander S Wamp on vocals, Thanos Jan on guitar, Dorian Gates on bass and Christos Grekas on drums, deliver us some really fine guitar driven groove goth rock with some nice growls. The album was very finely produced by Peter Rutch (known for his work with acts such as Parkway Drive, Deez Nuts, Falling In Reverse etc) who had also worked on the band’s debut. The artwork is by Angry Blue (of Guns & Roses, Iggy Pop, Faith No More, Slayer and Melvins fame).

Review by Nick Drivas

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