Secret Sight were born in Ancona in 2014, after having ended the brief but intense 'Coldwave' experience (a self-produced EP and several gigs around Italy). The new project shows similar characteristics to those of the previous band, with a more mature style and with a better focused direction. Members: Matt Schipsi(vocals),Cristiano Poli(guitar),Lucio Cristino(bass), Enrico Bartolini(drums)

ONYRIA:.How did you choose the name of your band?

*The name has been chosen for many reasons. First, it seemed to us so intimate and cryptic, very suitable for the band sound. Second, we also liked the sound of the two associated words, it's very easy to remember.

ONYRIA:Ηow did you started your music career?

*We started playing music together in a project called Coldwave, in January 2013. Initially we did a ton of sessions in our rehearsal room, then we published our first EP in September 2013. In 2014, after an Italian tour we decided to change our name in Secret Sight.


ONYRIA:What have been your musical influences?

*Our musical influences have been bands such as Chameleons, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Editors, Soviet Soviet, Interpol, Joy Division and many other great bands.

ONYRIA;How do you describe your project?

*Intimate, deep and very gloomy. The sound just reflects our inner souls.

ONYRIA:Tell me about your last album.

*The album (DAY.NIGHT.LIFE)was published the last 6th october on Red Cat Records. It received a good response on many musical reviews, we're very proud of it.


ONYRIA:What is your creative process to compose your music?

*Usually we write a melody, then we play it together in our rehearsal room. Lastly we complete the song structure and Matteo writes the lyrics.

ONYRIA:Tell me a few words about the underground scene in Italy

*Currently in Italy there's a big Indie scene. There are a lot of great bands and artists, an incredible urge of creativity. Actually, the big scene is situated in Pesaro (a small town in the east of Italy), but there are some good examples in many other regions.

ONYRIA:Nowdays, many bands promote their music just uploading it on websites like youtube,soundcloud etc.Which are the advantages and the disadvantages? Tell us your opinion.

*We think that it's a good way to promote music, but not the only one. It's certainly fast. Be on the internet is extremely easy nowadays. Anyway, the best way to promote music is to play live everywhere. People really prefer to see musicians live.

ONYRIA:Can you tell me your 10 more favorite albums?

Chameleons – Script of the Bridge
She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge
Psychedelic Furs – The Psychedelic Furs
The Sound - Jeopardy
Editors – The Back Room
New Order – Lowlife
The Cure – Faith
Echo and the Bunnymen – Porcupine
David Bowie – Low
Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights

ONYRIA:What about your future plans?

*For the future we've got many exciting plans. We're working hard to make a new video clip and planning some gigs in Europe for 2015. 

 Stay tuned!