Last year we met Kriistal Ann with her first solo album ‘refraction’ and since then she remains  a favourite artist for me and DIESEELE RADIO.She is also known as the lead vocalist of the minimal synth project ‘PARADOX OBSCUR’ and the older darkwave electrogoth project ‘RESISTANCEOF INDEPENDENT MUSIC’.

A few months ago I had the chance to  listen exclusively  to the new track ‘she walks in beauty’ which would join the forthcoming album. It was a very good omen for the forthcoming album.This song has joined exclusively  ‘TRANSMISSION RADIOSHOW’ playlist for 2 times so far . After several collaborations with some interesting musicians  in the dark electronic / minimal synth scene(mortal boy,hjordis britt astrom, Jan Vinoelst,, Zoltan Freitag, Aidan Casserly, Ferdinand Cärclash e.t.c) Kriistal Ann returns with the new solo album ‘Delirious Skies’  about  3 weeks ago(2-11-14) under  the greek label werkstatt recordings.

In my opinion,the new album has progressed to the best .Although it  doesn’t  continue  on the same platform traced by ‘refraction’as it is more in minimal style,it doesn’t  miss  the shades of dark wave and atmospheric style. Ann’s harmonious voice opposes with cold synth tunes and the result is  great.An elegant mix of minimal cold sounds(‘fright’,’punisher’)  and dark pop with emotional moments (‘she walks in beauty’,’remembrance’).
The best moments of the album is  the poetic‘’she walks in beauty’ and ‘remembrance’ . To adopt a more general term I think that her music is “existential”, in the manner expressed by a romanticism ,refinement but also aggression ,talking about her melancholic imagination and emotional anguish .Lyrically there is  some poetry set to music of Euripides (‘fortune of medea’), Lord Byron(‘she walks in beauty’), and Shakespeare(‘with a kiss I die’). As well as some of her own poems. The song ‘’ashes of hope’’is  interpreted in the Greek language.
In conclusion, 'delirious skies' lead our senses into a reverie of  different emotions and drives us to the dark paths of the soul.Highly recommended to all dark synth lovers.

We are looking forward to the new ‘PARADOX OBCUR’ album and of course Kriistal Ann’s  forthcoming collaborations.