An atmospheric blend of electronic cold wave and synth pop sounds is what the italian band HIDDEN PLACE delivers to listeners. The music written and arranged by the four original members, SaraLux, Fabio Vitelli, Antonio Losenno, Giampiero Di Barbaro.We are looking forward to the new album 'RETROSPETTIVA VOL.2' that is coming out soon.Let’s have a talk with HP.. 

1.How did you choose the name of your band?Tell us about the driving force behind it. 

HP: the name of the band has born casually and spontaneously. It's just the "Hidden Place" where we want  to live,a place far from the material world.It 's a sort of eden, a pure paradise.

2.Ηow do you started your music career?

HP: In 2004,we started writing our first demo cd-r "Weather Station" that has been reprinted by Twilight Records.Before this, we started in 2002 with the neofolk martial project Lupi Gladius.After 10 years we are back under the name LG and we are so satisfied for the album "Veritas".

3.What have been your musical influences?What are you listening nowdays?

HP: We always had 80' s influences from bands like early Clan Of Xymox and other 4AD's 80's bands.Kraftwerk, Ultravox , New Order have been also important for our music. Nowdays we can say that we always listen to old bands and some new bands that are really interesting.

4.how do you describe your project?

HP: Instinctive,spontaneous,futurist...

5.Have you had any other collaborations over these years?
HP: We had great collaborations, with Froxeanne and Diego Merletto from The Frozen Autumn,Handful of Snowdrops, Patenbrigade: Wolff etc

6.Tell us about the forthcoming album

HP: The new album "Retrospettiva vol.2" will be out soon , released by british label Peripheral Minimal. The album contains 2 new tracks plus 6 new remakes of our old songs. After the great success of vol.1.We wanted something exclusive and the vol. 2 will have 8 unreleased tracks.

7.What is your creative process to compose you music?

HP: When we compose everything borns spontaneously. Sometimes we start from synths or from rythms.After it ,Sara Lux completes with her voice the composition.

8.Tell me a few words about the underground scene in Italy

HP: In Italy there are really interesting bands and the good thing is that all are different each other.We think the italian scene is very good and it deserves a good audience. We are glad that outside Italy, our scene is appreciated.

9.Nowdays , many bands promote their music just uploading it on websites like youtube,soundcloud etc. Which are the advantages and the disadvantages? Tell us your opinion.

HP: Ιt's a good way to promote your music but it is very important also supporting bands and buying CDs, vinyls and cassettes.We are old fashioned for this.

10.Can you tell me your 10 more favorite albums?

HP: This is a hard question but we'll do our best to answer.. Unknown Pleasures -Joy Division ,The Man Machine - Kraftwerk, Rage in Eden - Ultravox ,Nada - Death in June, Clan of Xymox - 1st album ,The Frozen Autumn - Pale Awakening, Souvlaki - Slowdive ,Virus Meadow - And also the Trees ,Script of the Bridge - The Chameleons ,Treasure - Cocteau Twins .We are quite sure we missed in this list so many great albums.

11.Do you enjoy live performances?Tell me which of your live performances has remained unforgettable
HP: Performing live gigs is always pleasant and every concert gives you a great memory and emotion.

12.On a worldwide level how is the feedback to your music?
HP: We have a good audience. Sales are going well, considering also the current period of underground scene.We can say that we  are really satisfied with the reactions of our followers.
13.What are some of your non musical interests?
HP: Art, photography,literature,history, philosophy ..
14.What about your future plans?
HP: For now we are waiting for the release of "Retrospettiva vol.2" and we are preparing our future live performances.

Fantasia Meccanica (HellektroEmpire) 2007
Punto Luce (Twilight Records) 2009
Weather Station early works (Twilight Records) 2011
Fantasia Meccanica - reprint (Twilight Records) 2011
Novecento (Calembour Records) 2012
Retrospettiva 2004 -2014 (Peripheral Minimal) 2014