The show started with the country acoustic melodies by the greek duo MANOS SIX AND THE MUDDY DEVIL.The covers from NICK CAVE and OF THE WAND AND THE MOON their best moments.

Next, SIEBEN on stage! SIEBEN is Matt Howden and his violin . He is a highly appreciated violinist in the underground scene with a lot of collaborations such as : Sol Invictus, Sonne Hagal, Spiritual Front, While Angels Watch,of the wand and the moon,chris eckman..As I missed the other  two concerts  that he played in Greece , I was too  interested in his performance. The point that makes Sieben so special is that the man is looping himself and his violin plays continuously, placing one melody layer over another. It is really exciting how his violin can turn into drums or emerging other unusual sounds.  So the last night, we watched Matt swirling across the stage playing violin, recording different loops ,struming the instrument like a guitar, scratching it with his chin stubble to provide a percussive sound, using it like a bass and finally playing it as its designed to be with hands that are a blur. And the excited audience was celebrating the show until the last second when he closed his show with an interesting cover of JOY DIVISION'S 'transmission'.

Finally,TONY WAKEFORD and CLIVE GIBLIN on stage. Tony, as an English artist that is active in music for over 30 years, is the stable member of  SOL INVICTUS.He has also involed with CRISIS and  DEATH IN JUNE in the 80’s and later with a lot of other projects (Triple Tree,Orchestra Noir,Duo Noir ,HaWthorn,e.t..c) .Unfortunately I missed  the great  SOL INVICTUS  concert in Greece(2000) so I was too excited for this gig.Well,two raw edgy guitars and some samplings created the ideal neo-folk atmosphere. I was surprised that they didn’t present the last SOL INVICTUS album (‘once upon a time’) and later TONY explained that he prefers playing songs from the last album when the full SOL INVICTUS band is performing.That was not problem as they played favourite songs from SOL INVICTUS past(english garden,killing tide,lex talionis,english murder e.t.c) even from DEATH IN JUNE past(all alone in her nirvana).Although the stage precence was static,Tony’s voice and the playlist left a taste of satisfaction to all of us..


  photos by Marilia Fotopoulou