In 2014 there were a lot of excellent albums and a lot of new bands came out. It was difficult to edit the hundreds of favourite albums I love down to 25 selections but I think this group is my best try,containing albums from different genres such as ethereal,coldwave,electronic,postpunk,shoegaze,synth,experimental and so on.. Without  claiming  to be an expert on these genres,I present my 25 favourites albums of 2014:

1.PEINE PERDUE-NO SOUVENIRS / Cold Beats records
The second album by the French-German synth duo .Deep , cold & racy analog sequences encounter subtle desperate female vocals.A perfect album !!

An alchemy of harmonic, swirling guitars,cinematic, lush, glimmering instrumentation, and Dru’s dream-felt and sirenic vocals.Recommended to fans of darkwave and heavenly voices.

The band's 3rd studio album is a blend of psychedelic folk ,neofolk-influenced landscape of fingerpicked guitar and glacial spook-drones with Nils Ottensmeyer’s powerful Nico’esque vocals.

The Swedish band kicks off with one of the better emotional post punk-shoegaze-indie-acts I’ve ever heard.

A post-punk inspired electro-pop of the 80’s, warm vintage synth tones and drum machine backbeats. The 8 tracks are immensely catchy, perhaps even club-ready.

6.VEIL OF LIGHT-Ξ / Belaten
The gothgaze solo project from Zurich releases an album cold, shady, dark tones influenced by 1980s goth and early post-punk, with a shoegazing twist.

7.LAST LEAF DAWN-FAKE LIGHTS / Lifeforce Records
The Swiss quartet’s 13 song create sweeping soundscapes that weave gorgeous postrock and shoegaze .

8.VARIOUS-NOT SO COLD-A WARM WAVE COMPILATION / Tacuara Records+CintasTriangulares 
Twelve unreleased tracks from the better international cold wave, minimal synth and post industrial scene This sampler is great for every minimal music lover as there are lots of different bands, some even unknown. 

The French synth duo is an association between Helene de Thoury’s electronic melodies and Amandine Stioui’s passionate vocals .Nice synth loops, rhythmic electronic drums and the really special voice of Amadine Stioui!

The Italian duo is blending a perfect mix of coldwave, new Wave, darkwave, swirly guitars, and postpunk whilst appealing to fans of The Soft Moon.Alessandra Gismondi and Luca Bandini create a pulsing, black-lit atmospheric electronic vibration so cold, hypnotic and minimalistic.

The German duo returns with a collection of songs where natural ambiances and most deep feelings are set to music. This is an emotional journey driving by folk sounds, chants and gloomy synths .

This split between Luminance- the electronic solo project by David-Alexandre Parquie-and Acapulco City Hunters is a perfect blend of dark synthpop and cold wave.

13.FACTICE FACTORY-WHITE DAYS / Holy Hours ,Manic Depression 
The French-Swiss trio’s debut album is dark, claustrophobic and  inspired by the early 80’s postpunk movement.A must have for the fans of cold wave.

14.GHOST ACTOR-UNFOLD / Aufnahmeund+wiedergabe
The cold ghost wave & post witch core band from Vienna releases their debut album a blend of electro industrial samples with strong repetitive percussions that create a ritualistic background ambiance.Slow minimal tunes with ghostly female vocals create a very dark soundscape.

The French project creates an excellent blend of noir pop rock acoustic melodies and poetry.Recommended for all ‘Tindersticks’ fans.

16.MATER SUSPIRIA VISION-SERENITY 2(stigmata of eden) / Phantasma
LSD overdose minimalism, dark industrial atmosphere,chaotic female voices,witchcore at its best.

17.ORTROTASCE-ST / Disko Obscura
Nic Hamersly’s minimal synth/coldwave project . A blend of cold wave synths ,dizzying sequences and spectral vocals.

18.KRIISTAL ANN-DELIRIOUS SKIES / Werkstatt Recordings
The second solo for the ex-Paradox Obscur singer is magnificent. The seven compositions combine the minimal synth sound with dark wave influences and delivered by Ann’s melancholic voice.

19.DAY BEFORE US-Crystal sighs of a broken universe /child of a new light ep
One ep and one full album this year for the frence-greek duo.As i cannot choose one of them ,i put the two works in the list.Elegiac, lyrical, dark soundscapes, neoclassic minimal tunes arranged by Philippe Blanche and the beautiful ethereal voice of Effosyni Papamichalopoulou .Recommended to all 'Project Records'  fans.

Popier than the previous albums but still dark.A dark electronic web of sounds drawing on female vocals and new romantic ambient tunes.

21.L'AVENIR-ST / Belaten
The cold synth side project of Jason Sloan creates a hypnotic synthpop and minimal wave music with analog equipment.

The very talented one-man project from Greece releases an album that combines perfectly wave noir,dark cabaret,retro-synth and deathrock primitive male vocals creating a spooky atmosphere.

The solo project of Jayn H. Wissenberg releases the first ep.Four darkly inspiring songs,blend of doom folk  with a gothic touch and slow guitar melodies driven by Jayn's haunting, spine-tinglingly evocative voice.Recommended to all Chelsea Wolfe’s fans.

24.RIGHT KNIDER-TECTONIVORA / Werkstatt Recordings
The greek solo synth project(Vagelis Generalis) releases a 5-track ep, a blend of cold analogue electronics,instrumental space synth tunes and deep male vocals in one track('feverish eyes').

This album was conceived as a soundtrack of an imaginary sf vintage movie.Atmospheric ambient soundscapes and hypnotic electronic rythms create a dreamy atmosphere.

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The videos are the 'musical pictures' which accompanying music.It's a kind of art that cannot be ignored.This was a pretty excellent year for music videos in the underground scene. Though there are only 20 picks below, they were culled from a list of several videos, many of which served not only as vessels for excellent songs but also as gripping short films.Here are the  DieSeele's 'best of':

1.Darkher - Ghost Tears / Prophecy Productions (taken from 'THE KINGDOM FIELD' 2014)
2.Hausfrau - Night Tides /Unknown Pleasures (taken from 'NIGHT TIDES' 2014)
3.Plurabelle - Our Fires / Stellar Kinematics (taken from 'PHANTOM PYRAMID' 2014)
4.Kite - True Colours / Progress Productions (taken from the upcoming 'VI' 2015)
5.HNN - Tes mots / La Forme Lente ('taken from L'ILE NUE' 2014)
6.Keluar - Rupture (Featuring Ascetic) / Desire Records (from 'VITREUM' 2014)
7.Iamamiwhoami-Hunting For Pearls / To Whom It May Concern (taken from 'BLUE' 2014)
8.Gazelle Twin - Exorcise / Anti-ghost Moon Ray-Last Gang Rec.(taken from 'UNFLESH' 2014)
9.Sixth june– Drowning / Mannequin (taken from 'PLEASURE' 2013)
10.Azar Swan -We Hunger / Zoo Music (taken from 'AND BLOW US A KISS' 2014)
11.People Of Nothing - Haircut The Grass / Anywave rec.-Manic Depression (taken from 'PEOPLE OF NOTHING' 2014)
12.Veil Of Light - Cold Skin (taken from 'COLD SKIN' 2013)
13.Lowlakes - Newborn / Kunsthaus Records (taken from 'ICEBERG NERVES' 2014)
14.Kline Coma Xero - Mannequins / Medical Records (taken from 'KLINE COMA XERO' 2014)
15.Factice Factory-Glow (taken from 'WHITE DAYS' 2014)
16.Denial Of Service-Sensou(version)
17.Ghost Actor - Vile / Aufnahme+Wiedergabe (taken from 'VILE' 2014)
18.Ash Code - Empty Room / Swiss Nights (taken from 'OBLIVION' 2014)
19.Gu's Musics - A Spare Moment (taken from 'AQUAPLANING' 2014)
20.M!R!M - Flowers In Bloom / Manic Depression Rec. (taken from 'REEL-FLOWERS IN BLOOM' 7' 2014)
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 In Salerno,Stefano Iannone aka Spettro Family has been running for almost six years Vade Retro label. Anyone interested in black romance and  Italian horror cinema, will definitely like it. His music is a blend of 70’s and 80’s influenced synth tunes with samples that create a post-industrial atmosphere. Time to take the ‘mysterious’ man even more closely.

Hi Stefano, I’m glad you accepted my invitation for this interview . First of all  can you tell us about the beginning of  Vade Retro and Spettro Family.Ηow did you start your music career? What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name ‘Spettro Family?

Hello and thanks - it's my pleasure , I always follow Die Seele  radio  -
 it all started in the beginning of 2008 - even tough I was interested in music since I was a child that year there were various things that coincided - I went into my space and I discovered that some labels were doing cassette again - this was amazing for me in the Mp3 era - now you can see everybody doing vinyls and cassette again but in the 2000 they were almost completely disappeared - so I decide to start my label as well - i choose the name Spettro Family cause I could not choose a better name : I had strange decadent feelings those days , like me and my family we were disappearing - also the convinction (that I still have somehow) that my house and the building were I live were heavily haunted - so we were slowly fading and becoming part of this .

Let's now talk about your label work and it’s trading. Are you alone behind Vade Retro label? Why do you  release  only tapes and vinyls and  not cds?Do you collaborate with other labels? 

 The label it's at the moment in a stand by period - but yes , I do all by myself - I did vinyls and tapes and also some cdr , wich were printed very professional so kind of cd - yes I did trade with many other labels and distributions - many of them also started in 2008 , it think it was a crucial year for the current scene.

Can you give us some info about  the current artists of Vade retro  label?

Still , the label it's kind of still  at the moment ; I'm too busy in recording and touring with Spettro Family and it's kind of hard to do both things at the same time ; I did releases by Robe. , Ludo Mich , Fockewulf 190 , Art Abscon's - and of course my first releases as Spettro Family too - this year was particularly painful for my label cause two guys for two different bands pass away and this was a big pain , not sure I want to talk about.

As I see some photos  you appear with a big hat and a mask.Do you ever appear unmasked ? J Do you want to create a mystery about Spettro Family with the whole dressing?

Well , since the beginning I used this kind of costume (tried to ricreate this caracter for a movie , but I have no idea which movie is , I found the photo online and I liked it a lot)
 , I was not interested in showing my real look - also kind of very shy , especially playing alone on a stage - I used to play drums in other bands , but you're in the background , it's different - last show in Belgium I played without any mask , not sure if works the same , we will see - also I don't wear the mask everyday so yes , you can see me without mask sometimes.

As I see the songs,I think  Spettro Family has double side : The  ‘ritual’ side with the symbolism and influence of early neofolk acts  and the other side the more ‘mainstream’ with the retro synth soundracks. Am I right? Are you interested in Alchemy, Symbolism or metaphysics in general?

Well often they refer to my music like a combination of early industrial and horror soundtracks movies so I think you're  right -im interested in magick , wiccan , paganism , old religions , symbols , archeology and possibly a combinatin of all this togheter - it's something I had since I was a child - I was very young reading books about the ancient egypt and pharahos tombs - also I think WWII had some influence - my city was one of the main war scenario in those years(a DIJ song , Carousel talk about that) so as a kid with my brothers , cousins we were playing in the many abandoned bunker on the hills , pretending we were soldiers ,kid stuff like that - it was int the 80's but you could still see the huge holes of the  bombs and the evident signs of post war.

You are into social media (facebook,you tube  e.t.c) in order to promote your music and generally you are net-sociable person.How can you combine Spettro Family’s mystery  and underground culture with this kind of sociability?

I think facebook it's great to stay in contact with all the friends , bands , labels etc. - it's mostly the only social I use - I spend already lot of time by myself , I don't watch television at all , so without it I would be very isolated so i don't think it's the best thing isn't? I think the project still remain underground - you can show your face several times and people won't remember you , think about when you never show it - basically they have no idea who you are.

Most of your  tracks are short and sometimes create  a sense of incompleteness.Is there a concept behind this option?

 I think this depend on the fact that I did many of them with really old analogic synth , recording on multitrack cassette - so they were made in one take , no big editing - never thought about this - I do the songs by inspirations so they can be 2 minutes or 10 minutes long , doesn't make difference to me.

Tell us about your trip to Transylvania..which was the driving force behind this trip?

The most incredible place I've been so far - amazing wilderness , landscapes , small town , a place lost in time.

As long as I know you,I think you are open-minded in music ,you are interested in discovering new music or new artists and you don’t  underrate THE NEW .Tell us about your new finds and the collaborations with new bands such as the italian duet Tetrolugosi .

In many years I've been listening to all kind of music : from early disco and sinth pop , italo , new wave , goth , heavy metal , grunge , electro , post rock and on and on and on , you have no idea how many different kind of music and how many gigs - I'm ALWAYS interested in new bands - when they say music stop in the 70's or 80's it's something just make me laugh :D  Tetrolugosi it's one of the new bands I discovered and I liked straight away - even if they are very ironic the music it's very haunted and moving - we both love John Maus (a brilliant artist !) so it comes very natural to do this song along.

Can you give us some recommendations about the  current Italian underground scene?

You know more italian bands that I do :D..  well , check the scene called psychedelic italian occult scene cause there are so real hide gems.  I've been also listening to some preview of the Xiu’s upcoming album and it will be for sure a masterpiece.

I think Italian horror movies soundracks, Frizzi  and Carpenter  are formative for you.Are there any  bands or other musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

 I think you and many won't believe me if I  say that I don't have one single horror soundtrack vinyl in my collection - not even a cd , nothing - I know of this music because of the movies - I was watching all Dario Argento movies , I think it was something natural as eating pizza if you are Italian , or it's something in the  Dna , I don't know - of course Carpenter and the other composer , but always watching the movies , never buying one single vinyl of this.
I always listened to a lot of New Wave and dark music . sisters of mercy , dead can dance , death in june , coil , and another band that I really love it's Type O negative - these are my main influences - and also some cool HM band as merciful fate.

Do you enjoy live performances? WhIch  are the best places for your concert? which of your live performances has remained unforgettable?

Yes I do enjoy it - many of them were crazy and for different reasons , all unforgettable (for me) -perhaps the one in NYC was very cool , and also in Parma cause I played in front of almost 1000 people (most of them girls) screaming as mad and I didn't expect that , usually girls escape from my gigs so.

Why should someone  come to see a man playing slow tunes in a  synthesizer without vocals,without  the energy and intensity on stage?

I have no idea , because they are masochists ? 

What can someone  expect from  your  live performance?Are there  some visuals or any theatrical attitude?

You can expect anything : a grand guignol , a 100% punk attitude or nothing of this - you never know.

On a worldwide level how is the feedback to your music? 

So far I've been selling records from Tasmania to Alaska , Chile to Russia so I think it's pretty good , don't know - tasmanian devils love my music.

You have also a side-project called Cornflakes 808.Tell us about it.

That's my side project - horror/italo disco - also planning some release , an album soon maybe - perhaps we'll talk another time about that.

What about your future plans.I think there is a Spring tour. 

Yes we are planning a new tour in the States and Canada too maybe - all at early stage , we will see.

I saw your trailer in fb about your upcoming for the new year.Could you give us more info?

All the new releases are not with my own label , but new Spettro Family releases with other labels - I'm recording a new album , a full leght , this would be the first on vinyl - there is a repress of a previous release , and couple of vinyl and tape compilations with a song of mine -expect something very cool.

Who is Stefano Iannone  when he is not composing? What do you like reading, watching e.t.c.

i'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to loose.


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The Athenian trio(Dimitris Borsis-singer/multi-instrumentalist, Manolis Zavitsanos-guitarist, Kostas Borsis-drummer) returns in  discography with the album ‘ELCIPSE’, five years after the very good "Persona".Presentation of the new album yesterday at Romantso and FILM wanted to represent themselves to the public. Those who had not  heard something from the new material before certainly couldn’t  believe their ears. The change is clear.Film leave behind the guitarist pop rock sound of the previous works,experimenting with analogue synths and vocoder. References to synthpop form of the 80’s,haunting sci-fi disco moments, vocals treated with vocoder.Their sound is electronic, rock, pop,progressive, experimental, dance reminds me groups like daft punk,air e.t.c.The musical content  was combined perfect with the futuristic suits with which they appeared on stage. Highlights of the concert were 'eclipse' and 'timelapse',songs that I like more from the last album but each song had its unique role in the whole retro-futuristic concept.

The supporting act CRUEL ANAGRAMS opened the gig playing for about 30 min. It was the second time watching them.The duet  combined successfully once again the guitar melodies  from Andrew Ioannou with the psychotic female vocals and the electronic interventions from Ioanna Leukaditi.Certainly ,the future is theirs.

photoshooting by Marilia Fotopoulou

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 A concert of Death In June is always a unique experience. After all, Douglas Pierce, the founder and unique permanent member of the band, is considered as the pioneer of neo-folk, a post-industrial acoustic musical genre he created together with David Tibet (Current 93), Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and Patrick Leagas, back in the first part of the 80s. This time for the Giddy Carousel Tour 2014,the band consists of Douglas Pearce on guitar, vocals, and percussion and John Murphy- who has been involved with the band since 1996-on drums. 
Before Death In June took the stage, we watched the supporting act,  Glimmer Void, a band  from Greece with 10-year life.The 7 members of the band filled  the stage for about half an hour playing neofolk melodies with ethereal female vocals .

After Glimmer void ,the scenery for DEATH IN JUNE live was erected.Hanging behind the instruments was a large blue flag with stars(perhaps the stars from usa flag) and  the menacing Totenkopf-6, the skull-and-bones insignia borrowed from the Third Reich and earlier genocidal regimes . Similar symbols covered portions of smaller flags draped in front of Douglas’ drum kitt. It would be remiss of me at this point not to briefly address the issue of fascism which has bedevilled Pearce throughout his career.I neither know nor care what Pearce’s political views are.They are irrelevant to the way in which I respond to the music of DEATH IN JUNE.

While waiting for Death In June, a man take the stage, dressed in military camouflage clothes. He started to play the piano. I immediately recognized the touch and the harmonies of Miro Snejdr, the Croatian pianist who played on Death In June's album "Peaceful Snow" (2010). Alone on the keyboards, Snejdr played a number of long improvisations with Death In June tunes mixed with melodies from Spitting At Pigeons, his solo project.The atmosphere in the hall was very quiet. Some people were a bit hypnotized by the romantic sound of the piano, others found it boring but all were expecting DEATH IN JUNE performance.

 After 30 minutes or so of piano instrumentals, Douglas P. joined Snejdr on stage to start the Death In June concert. He was also dressed in camouflage clothes and was wearing his notorious cracked white mask. Snejdr stood up, took his accordion and accompanied Douglas P. for different versions of classic DEATH IN JUNE songs.I found the ‘accordion’ versions interesting but not as good as the original versions.


The intimidating Venetian mask is worn for the first few songs, while he and Murphy hammer out colossal martial rhythms on the drums.Douglas P.with his glasses now together with Jon Murphy and started the third part of the show . There were samples of voices and noises playing in the background and Douglas P.  played  complex drums patterns while singing at the same time.Jon Murphy was in excellent form playing percussion. The  music was martial percussion from two snare drum kits, cymbals, chimes and maracas, some sambles and eventually the night became more 'human'  with acoustic folk in the biggest part of the concert.We heard a 'best of' concert with a lot of favourite songs such as :little Black Angel,Symbols of the Sun, All Pigs Must Die, Ku Ku Ku ,But, What Ends When Symbols Shatter?, Rose Clouds of Holocaust, Luther’s Army and so on…. Hearing all these songs together led me to reflect on how deeply these songs have dyed my soul after listening to most of them for well over a decade. Perhaps, I got bored in several moments ,but the playlist brought a lot of memories to me .In conclusion,although some songs were not played as I expected and despite the  monotony of stage presence,we lived nostalgic moments  for about 1h.50 min. 

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The gig started with the duo Cruel Anagrams(Andrew Ioannou the ex-guitar player of Matisse and Closer),Ioanna Leukaditi (voice-mixer).I was impressed with their psychotic  post pop music ,reminding me groups like Cranes and Mazzy Star. More than 100 people enjoyed  their beautiful songs .Personal favourite the first song ‘blue bordel’..

After , Tango Mangalore on stage.The one man project that was a created some nautical miles away from the shores of Zanzibar aboard some vessel in the winter of 2013. Well,before he embarks to another vessel ,left behind him another great live performance.According to his description,his music reflects his life,the life of a morbid sailor in a rather peculiar mixture of darkwave,deathrock,wave-noir & decadent cabaret ,narrating weird oceanic tales of ghost sailors and broken men praising gods of the celestial concave for redemption,and brides with seaweed hair emerging from the deep to seduce the old sea fellows.We enjoyed a very good  playlist that based in a loosely synthesizer music of a spooky,funny,dramatic,mutant ,theatrical and often self sarcastic atmosphere.

 Cruel Anagrams
Tango Mangalore
http://tangomangalore.bandcamp.com                                                             https://www.facebook.com/TangoMangalore

photoshooting by ΦΟΙΝΙΚΑΣ ΔΡΑΚΟΣ
Cruel Anagrams photo :Yama Suki

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For more than thirty years Martin Bowes has been working under the name Attrition doing electronic - experimental music.  Attrition emerged from the experimental post-punk scene of the early 1980s and, along with other groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Einstürzende Neubauten, and In the Nursery, greatly contributed to the development of industrial music in the UK. On the occasion of their upcoming appearance at Death Disco in Athens (24 of January 2015) we had the chance to ask Martin Bowes a few questions about Attrition and his plans for the future and we really appreciated the fact that he replied to us immediately.

First of all, i’d like to ask you about the last remix album ‘Narcissist vs One Horse Rider’.Why did you decide to ‘release’ this album, especially when it includes so many remixes for just these two songs?
The beauty of the digital age. I received a LOT of remixes for these 2 singles when they were released….  Some were included as bonus tracks on the eps themselves… and some were bonus downloads when the album, The Unraveller of Angels, was released in 2013.
I decided to make them all available as a downloadable  collection… and free for quite some time.. It proved to be very popular.

Looking back on your extensive discography, which album are you most proud of? Which album do you consider to be the quintessential ATTRITION album?
While I do have some attrition songs that are close to my heart…and that is usually for personal reasons concerning the subject… I don’t believe I can choose a single album that I would say I am most proud of.  ATTRITION  is an ongoing body of work and every album is a chapter if you like. I often compare them to photo albums.

What is the source of your inspiration and creativity?
Love. Life. Sex. Experience. Family. Friends. Art. Music. Literature. Film. Travel. Heaven and Hell…. This can go on and on 

The Gothic element is more than obvious in your work. Do you delight in gloom and doom, or is it just an affectation?
I really don’t know. I do appreciate the gothic in terms of art and literature and style. But in music what is termed “gothic” I usually find doesn’t say very much to me.  And music is primarily communication. I would say my music is perhaps more thoughtful and melancholic at times rather than gothic. And there is a dark humour in there that may be missed.  But I only make it I try not to label it.

Musical genres such as experimental, dark ambient, ritual, industrial structures or neo-classical passages all comprise your unique style.What is the magic ingredient that combines all them, creating the atmosphere the project emits?
I think that is partly the ingredient of time and experience. I have a desire to work with a wider range of music  palettes  than when I started out on this journey all those years ago…. And gradually the range has expanded…. And I have experimented over the years… so while I may write a rhythmic electronic piece one day, I may then experiment with live string players the next… I need that variety in expression. It doesn’t always make it easy to market attrition. But I’m fine with that. Ultimately I  am  the catalyst for all this and so the prime would be me …

What are your emotions towards the early years of Attrition? Can you describe the differences between ''yesterday'' and ''today''?
I sometimes go back there… listen to an older work or look through the photographs…. It was a good time. A  Naïve time in terms of life and skills and  the  industry as a whole…. But a thrilling  time in those early 80’s, a voyage of discovery, and not only for us there was a whole music scene emerging  back then…
So things have matured now, both personally and in terms of the scene… but I still find it just as challenging and just as exciting working with music… it often feels like I am just beginning and have so much to do. So in that way nothing has changed. It’s a good feeling…

Tell us about your influences for the artwork…I can think of one, Philippe Fichot (of Die Form), am I right?
Even though I did start out as a painter and sculptor, I long ago decided to concentrate on music… so I work with artists for the artwork and I search fort people that understand my work and I see many of the same attributes in their work…. Its gone well… over the years I have worked with many talented artists such as John Santerineross, Matt Lombard, and more recently Holger  Karas…  Of course I am aware of Philippe’s work , as contemporaries in music we have known each other for many years, and I would say that’s the only connection…. I do like Die Form, They were the first band I remixed here in my studio back in 1993…and we played a show with them in Belgium in 1997.

Which are the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you enjoying listening to nowadays?
I was kick started into music by the punk scene in the late 70’s… and still love and am inspired by that today… following on by post punk of Joy Division and Magazine and the first electronic  bands like  Kraftwerk and Cabaret Voltaire and the early Human League… and of course that is just the tip of the iceberg… nowadays I work with many bands in my studio here, The Cage, and so listen to so much new music all the time… maybe not famous bands as times have changed… but there is still a lot of really good new music out there if we look for it…

Returning to the present day, which are your next steps concerning Attrition? Are there plans for a new studio album or perhaps something else?
I am just completing a new  ATTRITION album with Anni Hogan… “Millions of the Mouthless Dead” is a very dark ambient excursion into the horrors of the first World War, inspired by my grandfathers  time on the western front in 1917. The album includes war poetry readings from a  number of guests, including Wolfgang  Flur (ex Kraftwerk)… it will be released in the spring of 2015.
Otherwise…. I am starting to write new songs and I collaborate on new projects, including a side project I began in 1996, ENGRAM, that is finally completing its debut album…

Apart from music, what else are you interested in?
I love the arts of course… but very important to me are my 2 children, Naomi and Jordan, and my wife Kerri… who also plays keyboards live with me…sometimes its good to step away from music for a little while…it’s never very long though…

What can we expect for your upcoming gig in Athens? A classic setlist or mostly new songs?
Well importantly it’s the debut show for my new singer Samantha, so it’s an important show for us, and we loved playing at Death Disco last year so we’re very pleased to be back.
The set will be a mix of songs from recent albums and a few updated oldies in there too, a very upbeat set….
We look forward to seeing you there!
Thanks  for the interview.
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. 2014.

audio production and mastering 

interview by Marilia Fotopoulou

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