A concert of Death In June is always a unique experience. After all, Douglas Pierce, the founder and unique permanent member of the band, is considered as the pioneer of neo-folk, a post-industrial acoustic musical genre he created together with David Tibet (Current 93), Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and Patrick Leagas, back in the first part of the 80s. This time for the Giddy Carousel Tour 2014,the band consists of Douglas Pearce on guitar, vocals, and percussion and John Murphy- who has been involved with the band since 1996-on drums. 
Before Death In June took the stage, we watched the supporting act,  Glimmer Void, a band  from Greece with 10-year life.The 7 members of the band filled  the stage for about half an hour playing neofolk melodies with ethereal female vocals .

After Glimmer void ,the scenery for DEATH IN JUNE live was erected.Hanging behind the instruments was a large blue flag with stars(perhaps the stars from usa flag) and  the menacing Totenkopf-6, the skull-and-bones insignia borrowed from the Third Reich and earlier genocidal regimes . Similar symbols covered portions of smaller flags draped in front of Douglas’ drum kitt. It would be remiss of me at this point not to briefly address the issue of fascism which has bedevilled Pearce throughout his career.I neither know nor care what Pearce’s political views are.They are irrelevant to the way in which I respond to the music of DEATH IN JUNE.

While waiting for Death In June, a man take the stage, dressed in military camouflage clothes. He started to play the piano. I immediately recognized the touch and the harmonies of Miro Snejdr, the Croatian pianist who played on Death In June's album "Peaceful Snow" (2010). Alone on the keyboards, Snejdr played a number of long improvisations with Death In June tunes mixed with melodies from Spitting At Pigeons, his solo project.The atmosphere in the hall was very quiet. Some people were a bit hypnotized by the romantic sound of the piano, others found it boring but all were expecting DEATH IN JUNE performance.

 After 30 minutes or so of piano instrumentals, Douglas P. joined Snejdr on stage to start the Death In June concert. He was also dressed in camouflage clothes and was wearing his notorious cracked white mask. Snejdr stood up, took his accordion and accompanied Douglas P. for different versions of classic DEATH IN JUNE songs.I found the ‘accordion’ versions interesting but not as good as the original versions.


The intimidating Venetian mask is worn for the first few songs, while he and Murphy hammer out colossal martial rhythms on the drums.Douglas P.with his glasses now together with Jon Murphy and started the third part of the show . There were samples of voices and noises playing in the background and Douglas P.  played  complex drums patterns while singing at the same time.Jon Murphy was in excellent form playing percussion. The  music was martial percussion from two snare drum kits, cymbals, chimes and maracas, some sambles and eventually the night became more 'human'  with acoustic folk in the biggest part of the concert.We heard a 'best of' concert with a lot of favourite songs such as :little Black Angel,Symbols of the Sun, All Pigs Must Die, Ku Ku Ku ,But, What Ends When Symbols Shatter?, Rose Clouds of Holocaust, Luther’s Army and so on…. Hearing all these songs together led me to reflect on how deeply these songs have dyed my soul after listening to most of them for well over a decade. Perhaps, I got bored in several moments ,but the playlist brought a lot of memories to me .In conclusion,although some songs were not played as I expected and despite the  monotony of stage presence,we lived nostalgic moments  for about 1h.50 min.