The Athenian trio(Dimitris Borsis-singer/multi-instrumentalist, Manolis Zavitsanos-guitarist, Kostas Borsis-drummer) returns in  discography with the album ‘ELCIPSE’, five years after the very good "Persona".Presentation of the new album yesterday at Romantso and FILM wanted to represent themselves to the public. Those who had not  heard something from the new material before certainly couldn’t  believe their ears. The change is clear.Film leave behind the guitarist pop rock sound of the previous works,experimenting with analogue synths and vocoder. References to synthpop form of the 80’s,haunting sci-fi disco moments, vocals treated with vocoder.Their sound is electronic, rock, pop,progressive, experimental, dance reminds me groups like daft punk,air e.t.c.The musical content  was combined perfect with the futuristic suits with which they appeared on stage. Highlights of the concert were 'eclipse' and 'timelapse',songs that I like more from the last album but each song had its unique role in the whole retro-futuristic concept.

The supporting act CRUEL ANAGRAMS opened the gig playing for about 30 min. It was the second time watching them.The duet  combined successfully once again the guitar melodies  from Andrew Ioannou with the psychotic female vocals and the electronic interventions from Ioanna Leukaditi.Certainly ,the future is theirs.

photoshooting by Marilia Fotopoulou