In Salerno,Stefano Iannone aka Spettro Family has been running for almost six years Vade Retro label. Anyone interested in black romance and  Italian horror cinema, will definitely like it. His music is a blend of 70’s and 80’s influenced synth tunes with samples that create a post-industrial atmosphere. Time to take the ‘mysterious’ man even more closely.

Hi Stefano, I’m glad you accepted my invitation for this interview . First of all  can you tell us about the beginning of  Vade Retro and Spettro Family.Ηow did you start your music career? What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name ‘Spettro Family?

Hello and thanks - it's my pleasure , I always follow Die Seele  radio  -
 it all started in the beginning of 2008 - even tough I was interested in music since I was a child that year there were various things that coincided - I went into my space and I discovered that some labels were doing cassette again - this was amazing for me in the Mp3 era - now you can see everybody doing vinyls and cassette again but in the 2000 they were almost completely disappeared - so I decide to start my label as well - i choose the name Spettro Family cause I could not choose a better name : I had strange decadent feelings those days , like me and my family we were disappearing - also the convinction (that I still have somehow) that my house and the building were I live were heavily haunted - so we were slowly fading and becoming part of this .

Let's now talk about your label work and it’s trading. Are you alone behind Vade Retro label? Why do you  release  only tapes and vinyls and  not cds?Do you collaborate with other labels? 

 The label it's at the moment in a stand by period - but yes , I do all by myself - I did vinyls and tapes and also some cdr , wich were printed very professional so kind of cd - yes I did trade with many other labels and distributions - many of them also started in 2008 , it think it was a crucial year for the current scene.

Can you give us some info about  the current artists of Vade retro  label?

Still , the label it's kind of still  at the moment ; I'm too busy in recording and touring with Spettro Family and it's kind of hard to do both things at the same time ; I did releases by Robe. , Ludo Mich , Fockewulf 190 , Art Abscon's - and of course my first releases as Spettro Family too - this year was particularly painful for my label cause two guys for two different bands pass away and this was a big pain , not sure I want to talk about.

As I see some photos  you appear with a big hat and a mask.Do you ever appear unmasked ? J Do you want to create a mystery about Spettro Family with the whole dressing?

Well , since the beginning I used this kind of costume (tried to ricreate this caracter for a movie , but I have no idea which movie is , I found the photo online and I liked it a lot)
 , I was not interested in showing my real look - also kind of very shy , especially playing alone on a stage - I used to play drums in other bands , but you're in the background , it's different - last show in Belgium I played without any mask , not sure if works the same , we will see - also I don't wear the mask everyday so yes , you can see me without mask sometimes.

As I see the songs,I think  Spettro Family has double side : The  ‘ritual’ side with the symbolism and influence of early neofolk acts  and the other side the more ‘mainstream’ with the retro synth soundracks. Am I right? Are you interested in Alchemy, Symbolism or metaphysics in general?

Well often they refer to my music like a combination of early industrial and horror soundtracks movies so I think you're  right -im interested in magick , wiccan , paganism , old religions , symbols , archeology and possibly a combinatin of all this togheter - it's something I had since I was a child - I was very young reading books about the ancient egypt and pharahos tombs - also I think WWII had some influence - my city was one of the main war scenario in those years(a DIJ song , Carousel talk about that) so as a kid with my brothers , cousins we were playing in the many abandoned bunker on the hills , pretending we were soldiers ,kid stuff like that - it was int the 80's but you could still see the huge holes of the  bombs and the evident signs of post war.

You are into social media (facebook,you tube  e.t.c) in order to promote your music and generally you are net-sociable person.How can you combine Spettro Family’s mystery  and underground culture with this kind of sociability?

I think facebook it's great to stay in contact with all the friends , bands , labels etc. - it's mostly the only social I use - I spend already lot of time by myself , I don't watch television at all , so without it I would be very isolated so i don't think it's the best thing isn't? I think the project still remain underground - you can show your face several times and people won't remember you , think about when you never show it - basically they have no idea who you are.

Most of your  tracks are short and sometimes create  a sense of incompleteness.Is there a concept behind this option?

 I think this depend on the fact that I did many of them with really old analogic synth , recording on multitrack cassette - so they were made in one take , no big editing - never thought about this - I do the songs by inspirations so they can be 2 minutes or 10 minutes long , doesn't make difference to me.

Tell us about your trip to Transylvania..which was the driving force behind this trip?

The most incredible place I've been so far - amazing wilderness , landscapes , small town , a place lost in time.

As long as I know you,I think you are open-minded in music ,you are interested in discovering new music or new artists and you don’t  underrate THE NEW .Tell us about your new finds and the collaborations with new bands such as the italian duet Tetrolugosi .

In many years I've been listening to all kind of music : from early disco and sinth pop , italo , new wave , goth , heavy metal , grunge , electro , post rock and on and on and on , you have no idea how many different kind of music and how many gigs - I'm ALWAYS interested in new bands - when they say music stop in the 70's or 80's it's something just make me laugh :D  Tetrolugosi it's one of the new bands I discovered and I liked straight away - even if they are very ironic the music it's very haunted and moving - we both love John Maus (a brilliant artist !) so it comes very natural to do this song along.

Can you give us some recommendations about the  current Italian underground scene?

You know more italian bands that I do :D..  well , check the scene called psychedelic italian occult scene cause there are so real hide gems.  I've been also listening to some preview of the Xiu’s upcoming album and it will be for sure a masterpiece.

I think Italian horror movies soundracks, Frizzi  and Carpenter  are formative for you.Are there any  bands or other musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

 I think you and many won't believe me if I  say that I don't have one single horror soundtrack vinyl in my collection - not even a cd , nothing - I know of this music because of the movies - I was watching all Dario Argento movies , I think it was something natural as eating pizza if you are Italian , or it's something in the  Dna , I don't know - of course Carpenter and the other composer , but always watching the movies , never buying one single vinyl of this.
I always listened to a lot of New Wave and dark music . sisters of mercy , dead can dance , death in june , coil , and another band that I really love it's Type O negative - these are my main influences - and also some cool HM band as merciful fate.

Do you enjoy live performances? WhIch  are the best places for your concert? which of your live performances has remained unforgettable?

Yes I do enjoy it - many of them were crazy and for different reasons , all unforgettable (for me) -perhaps the one in NYC was very cool , and also in Parma cause I played in front of almost 1000 people (most of them girls) screaming as mad and I didn't expect that , usually girls escape from my gigs so.

Why should someone  come to see a man playing slow tunes in a  synthesizer without vocals,without  the energy and intensity on stage?

I have no idea , because they are masochists ? 

What can someone  expect from  your  live performance?Are there  some visuals or any theatrical attitude?

You can expect anything : a grand guignol , a 100% punk attitude or nothing of this - you never know.

On a worldwide level how is the feedback to your music? 

So far I've been selling records from Tasmania to Alaska , Chile to Russia so I think it's pretty good , don't know - tasmanian devils love my music.

You have also a side-project called Cornflakes 808.Tell us about it.

That's my side project - horror/italo disco - also planning some release , an album soon maybe - perhaps we'll talk another time about that.

What about your future plans.I think there is a Spring tour. 

Yes we are planning a new tour in the States and Canada too maybe - all at early stage , we will see.

I saw your trailer in fb about your upcoming for the new year.Could you give us more info?

All the new releases are not with my own label , but new Spettro Family releases with other labels - I'm recording a new album , a full leght , this would be the first on vinyl - there is a repress of a previous release , and couple of vinyl and tape compilations with a song of mine -expect something very cool.

Who is Stefano Iannone  when he is not composing? What do you like reading, watching e.t.c.

i'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to loose.