The gig started with the duo Cruel Anagrams(Andrew Ioannou the ex-guitar player of Matisse and Closer),Ioanna Leukaditi (voice-mixer).I was impressed with their psychotic  post pop music ,reminding me groups like Cranes and Mazzy Star. More than 100 people enjoyed  their beautiful songs .Personal favourite the first song ‘blue bordel’..

After , Tango Mangalore on stage.The one man project that was a created some nautical miles away from the shores of Zanzibar aboard some vessel in the winter of 2013. Well,before he embarks to another vessel ,left behind him another great live performance.According to his description,his music reflects his life,the life of a morbid sailor in a rather peculiar mixture of darkwave,deathrock,wave-noir & decadent cabaret ,narrating weird oceanic tales of ghost sailors and broken men praising gods of the celestial concave for redemption,and brides with seaweed hair emerging from the deep to seduce the old sea fellows.We enjoyed a very good  playlist that based in a loosely synthesizer music of a spooky,funny,dramatic,mutant ,theatrical and often self sarcastic atmosphere.

 Cruel Anagrams
Tango Mangalore
http://tangomangalore.bandcamp.com                                                             https://www.facebook.com/TangoMangalore

photoshooting by ΦΟΙΝΙΚΑΣ ΔΡΑΚΟΣ
Cruel Anagrams photo :Yama Suki