The videos are the 'musical pictures' which accompanying music.It's a kind of art that cannot be ignored.This was a pretty excellent year for music videos in the underground scene. Though there are only 20 picks below, they were culled from a list of several videos, many of which served not only as vessels for excellent songs but also as gripping short films.Here are the  DieSeele's 'best of':

1.Darkher - Ghost Tears / Prophecy Productions (taken from 'THE KINGDOM FIELD' 2014)
2.Hausfrau - Night Tides /Unknown Pleasures (taken from 'NIGHT TIDES' 2014)
3.Plurabelle - Our Fires / Stellar Kinematics (taken from 'PHANTOM PYRAMID' 2014)
4.Kite - True Colours / Progress Productions (taken from the upcoming 'VI' 2015)
5.HNN - Tes mots / La Forme Lente ('taken from L'ILE NUE' 2014)
6.Keluar - Rupture (Featuring Ascetic) / Desire Records (from 'VITREUM' 2014)
7.Iamamiwhoami-Hunting For Pearls / To Whom It May Concern (taken from 'BLUE' 2014)
8.Gazelle Twin - Exorcise / Anti-ghost Moon Ray-Last Gang Rec.(taken from 'UNFLESH' 2014)
9.Sixth june– Drowning / Mannequin (taken from 'PLEASURE' 2013)
10.Azar Swan -We Hunger / Zoo Music (taken from 'AND BLOW US A KISS' 2014)
11.People Of Nothing - Haircut The Grass / Anywave rec.-Manic Depression (taken from 'PEOPLE OF NOTHING' 2014)
12.Veil Of Light - Cold Skin (taken from 'COLD SKIN' 2013)
13.Lowlakes - Newborn / Kunsthaus Records (taken from 'ICEBERG NERVES' 2014)
14.Kline Coma Xero - Mannequins / Medical Records (taken from 'KLINE COMA XERO' 2014)
15.Factice Factory-Glow (taken from 'WHITE DAYS' 2014)
16.Denial Of Service-Sensou(version)
17.Ghost Actor - Vile / Aufnahme+Wiedergabe (taken from 'VILE' 2014)
18.Ash Code - Empty Room / Swiss Nights (taken from 'OBLIVION' 2014)
19.Gu's Musics - A Spare Moment (taken from 'AQUAPLANING' 2014)
20.M!R!M - Flowers In Bloom / Manic Depression Rec. (taken from 'REEL-FLOWERS IN BLOOM' 7' 2014)