It’s the third time for the dark experimental electronic outfit  Attrition coming to Athens.Compiling a catalog of 15 albums - studio, live, and soundtrack - plus a batch of collection discs, Attrition have always been a mass of pleasurable contradictions. As I got satisfied with  the first Attrition gig 6 years ago, I was looking forward to their new performance.The difference now is  the new female singer Samantha Hindman-Smith and this gig was the debut show for her. On electronic arrangements Martin Bowes' wife, Kerri.True to form, their music engulfed this  Saturday night Death Disco like a grey  fog. Strolling on stage, inhaling on a joss stick like it was a cigarette holder, Bowes slowly makes his presence felt. He emerges from the smoke and purges himself of the songs with his distinctive voice. Bowes employs an operatic female vocal in many of the songs in order to infuse contrast to the often-used dark spoken word male vocal producing  a unique collection that is lyrically challenging and musically clever. From the deep-spoken  voice of Martin to the operatic drama of Samantha. Dramatic, traumatic, ecstatic all sound like typical Attrition lyrics and  the music leads the listener  into the hypnotic soundtrack to a nightmare, spanning the myriad of eclectic and dark genres of dark ambient to dance-friendly electro. Yesterday's set took in the most from their nineties dread-leaden dark electro to their latest albums.The haunting music of ‘Two Gods’,the atmospheric  dark electro of ‘One Horse Rider’, the danceable electronic funk of Acid Tongue’ and ‘Mercy Machine’, all these combining sometimes with Martin ‘s theatrical presentation.

The gig opened by the supporting act,the one-man electronic project  Denial Of Service.Dos is also an excellent visual artist who has worked  on songs of  famous musicians like D.Bowey ,so yesterday we had the opportunity  to hear his trippy music-an amalgam of experimental electro,ebm,berlin school electronic- combined with his experimental visuals at backround.


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Wanda Wulz is Ludovico Padovan’s ambient poetry, darkwave, experimental project, and Manifesto Intrepido'  is the second full-length release after  the beautiful 'Colorermetico' (2013).
Wanda Wulz has established theme of exploring human existential problems,despair,isolation and loneliness through music. Melancholy has defined the music  throughout  the previous  release and it remains a distinct force on Manifest Intrepido' but also the whole musical odyssey is surrounded by a hazy feeling of nostalgia.
Each note has a slight inflection giving the music a very warm, passionate feeling. Gentle electronics flow through the music, so soft they may be missed on the initial listen, but go to elevate the music to a spine chilling emotional level. The balance is quite even with most songs on the album fluctuating between sounds and poetic words with a nice dose of neoclassical and ambient instrumentation.
Favourite songs the melacholic intro track 'Nuvole E Alberi', 'Il Battito’ and ‘Di Notte’ that  emphasize  the ethereal layers combining the male narrative parts with the beautiful Sara Lepri's female vocals on backround  , the colder ‘L'Effetto che Fa’ with synths  that create a coldwave atmosphere and  ‘ Un Ballo Immobile ‘ that sings slowly ambient melodies, dreamy and distant as if Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins was the composer.
In conclusion,Wanda Wulz deals in ‘antipop-cinematic-nocturnal-melancholic soundscapes,’ claiming inspiration from ‘poetry soundtracky ambiences’ sustained by evocatively emotional vocal parts in a poetical narrative mood. I have listened to 'Manifesto Intrepido' and imagine I will be playing it frequently in order to fully digest it. I think the listener  can really feel the dedication and talent of this artist  have poured into each and ever song. Wanda Wulz offers to the dark emotive music fan the chance to feast and indulge! The album will be released at 5th of February and is recommended for those looking for music that is unique but is still refined and elegant.

Nuvole e Alberi
Il Battito
Sguardi d'inchiostro Nero
Giorni e Ore
L'Effetto che fa
Il Tempo del Silenzio
Di Notte
Un Ballo Immobile

Music by Ludovico Padovan
Texts of Ludovico Padovan except:
"I will pass" (Text of C.Pavese) and "Un Ballo Building" (mention C.Vallini)
Piano in "Exit" Vittorio Padovan
Vocals: Sara Lepri

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