I write on fanzines since the beginning of the '90.... and often, talking with musicians, I came across anecdotes about how a certain track or album was born.... passions, interests, memories behind the music, that often are the seed of music... Particular moment leaving a sign in the memory, giving feelings, that are the fundament on which music, and any art is crafted.So, instead of the “usual” interview, I thought to invite some musician to tell us a touching souvenir...something they keeps in mind, in the heart, as an unforgettable moment...Music is a way to share feelings, and writing also, so for once we asked musicians to become writers for a day and tell us something that lies behind their music. We asked them to give us feelings in another way, but reading the tales of the new column you will have feelings, will be able to couple music and moments of life.....The new project will be opened as a permanent column at DieSeele in the following link dusk memories

~Lory Dusk~