Hello, Corina!! It’s a pleasure for us having an interview with you! We always try to support and promote artists that we respect, so, here we are..Are you ready ?
Lovely, thanks for your interest in my music!

How did your music career start?
I have been singing and making music for a long time, but it was only recently that I decided to commit to music as a real career. I have been working all of my life and transitioning into becoming a full time musician was kind of a gradual process that just developed alongside my personal path. I am still working on it and you never know what happens, but what I know is that I love what I am doing now and it is both a humbling and beautiful experience to see other people loving it as well.

Corina, as we know you cooperate with many projects.Tell us some words about it.
My two main projects at the moment are BLACK EGG and VILE OBLIQUE. Musically they are related but the working process is very different. Black Egg is a truly collective endeavor with many people involved in all the different stages of production. Vile Oblique is only and absolutely me during the whole way of creation, it comes more from a cocoon kind of state of mind, from purity of within. I love both types of processes from the abundance of sharing and solitude. I have also been doing some vocal and writing work for two fantastic french musicians: MichaĆ«l Fristot's great project MELANOBOY just released its first album “From Dust” via Unknown Pleasure Records. The same label will release the album of the other project I have been writing and singing for, the wonderful NORMOTONE, whose second album “Hiraeth” will be out this summer. “Hiraeth” is an untranslatable welsh word that means something along the lines of longing, desire, nostalgia, and you can hear this vividly in all the tracks. The music is intense, deeply atmospheric and very emotional. It was wonderful to tune into and create around that energy. I really enjoyed working with both artists, as different as they are in their musical approach. Writing and singing for other people's bands and projects is something that is always a lot of fun for me, and something that gives me the opportunity to step away from myself and the all-embracing approach I usually have in music and focus in a completely different way.

Where do you find inspiration?
Explaining inspiration seems to be quite elusive to me, it comes from a hidden place, from a space of sacred abundance. It is unfolding when the channel is open and the experience can flow, being triggered from what the senses contact outside and also what is perceived within. So everything I see, hear and feel is potentially inspiring to me, I follow the growing pull of the experience wherever it leads me. Then the creating starts and is always effortless in this kind of beginning. The hard work comes soon, later, but the moments of inspiration and initiating are light, gentle and free-flowing.

How do you feel being the protagonist to most of your videoclips, especially to Ghost Actor? It was a way for you to express parts & ideas from yourself?
All the videos for my projects so far were very DIY, enlisting the help of artist friends and also learning things from scratch, so it kind of  just happened that I am in front of the camera in some of them. But yeah, it is a direct way of expressing things, even though it is not so personal. It is a bit like performing live, which is more of a transpersonal state to me, even though I might be up on that stage, it goes beyond that. So even though I have been the protagonist of some videos, it could be any other person, its not so personal, it is more of being the vessel for the grander ideas.

I was wondering which are the bands that inspired you the most and what do you prefer in music nowadays.
I have been and continue to get inspired by so many different musicians it is really impossible to name it all here. The deepest marks and cuts have been left by Great Women like Tori Amos and Diamanda Galas, whose strong spirits have touched me and put me in touch with my own forces. Also the rawness of energy emanating from artists like Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot continues to inspire me. These days in terms of listening to music, I tend to go through phases of intense exposure and raw deprivation. During the exposure days I soak up all kinds of sonic energies, throughout the last months I have been coming back to melodic, pop-songish kind of music like Florence & The Machine and more intense and aggressive pieces like Haus Arafna. It is a broad spectrum, and I love it this way.

What’s your opinion about the dark scene in Austria?
I always find it hard to answer questions like this, because I do not really find it easy to define the boundaries of scenes and what they entail or not. But let me put it like this. There are exciting things happening in Austria, even though it is getting harder and harder in terms of organizing events and concerts. I don't really know why it just seems to not work as well as it used to. So I would love to see some changes in visibility, I know a lot of people doing beautiful music and art here, and I wish there were more regular and successful possibilities for them to showcase their work and their projects. There certainly is an interest for darker things everywhere, so I would love to see that blossom again here on a larger scale.

How do you feel about the music promotion on internet? According to your opinion internet is a good or a bad ‘tool’ for the musician? 
The internet definitely is a good tool. Both for promotion and networking I find it to be a fantastic opportunity. It is a bit contradictory for me, because generally I feel most comfortable working with people I have met in person and looked them in the eye. So this disembodied communication feels alien to me on some level. But it just works so well! And it makes things so easy that would otherwise be terrifyingly complicated. So on this level of the simplicity of being able to connect to people who might be interested in what you are doing and to build creative relationships on a DIY level it is great. But I also wouldn't overestimate it, real personal connections are still very important and the best promotion is still word of mouth.

Which are your interests despite music?
I love so many different things from poetry, nature, to science and all kinds of magick. Right now with the joyous energy of spring glowing on the horizon I am very into body techniques, doing all kinds of things like lots of yoga, dancing and being outside as much as possible connecting with myself and nature on this level.

Tell us a few words about your future plans. Are you preparing any new release?
The next thing that is coming is the BLACK EGG album. “Melencolia” will be released by aufnahme + wiedergabe very soon! I am very proud of this album and excited to present and celebrate it with the live shows we are in the process of planning across Europe. Also the first VILE OBLIQUE release is scheduled to be out later this year and I am beyond happy about the way it has been going so far, so the future is shimmering beautifully and I cannot wait to share the joy of it!