The music was working and always acts as a reflection, a mirror of internal feelings. As a child I remember the change of seasons from winter to summer .. The different scents in the air and colors created in the heart small melodies . Accompanying my dreams ..
 In music as in any form of art there is no definition.All are life experiences together, heavy losses, moments of loneliness, deadlock interactions .. The effort to understand yourself.
 There are numerous opportunities to activate the process of survival and of expression. Music is like a silk bedsheet you're paving to rest .. There isn't any sorting of the most beautiful elements of the world, but an automatic effort to transform all into something wonderful.
 The first contact with this pervasive power occurred in my childhood, watching the Symphony Orchestra of Prague, performing the work of the great Bedřich Smetana: Má Vlast (Vltava). A swinging sensation in the heart and with small butterflies in the stomach, this managed to cause a sharp chill in my body. Not knowing the feeling of ecstasy then, I had the impression that I got sick. It was one of those illnesses that persecute you until the end. Like a microbe, a companion following you throughout your life.
 The years have passed and the melodies took a form, capable of activating perpetual magical power in the soul , a "machine" that automatically replenishes what it exhausts. Like Lisa Gerrard who strikes a bargain with angels. Like Beth Gibbons, through her you manage to perceive what love is. All converges so as to force the "random" to articulate a truth as old as the nature and leads to a sense which doesn't get old ..  but despite allows a person to remain refined..
 Whether surrounds you the song of a lantern, or the voice of a storm, the breath of the sunset or the moan of the sea, there always awakes behind you a broad melody, woven with a thousand voices, and within it, there somewhere, space for your own solos. To recognize the moment when it's your turn to sing, is a secret of your own solitude, this is the art of true feelings ..
 It is a spiritual language that applies to metaphysical concepts, revealing through these the harmonic laws..

 Kriistal Ann