LAST LEAF DOWN, a Swiss outfit, have been on the scene for over a decade now, but their debut album ‘Fake Lights’ was released only last year. The album soon became popular and became one of my favourite albums of last year (#7 @DieSeele’s top 25 albums for 2014). It's time to get to know this band better.

How do you describe Last Leaf Down’s sound? Which bands have affected your music?
In general, I would say we produce a melancholic, dreamy sound with influences of Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Ambient and Gothic-Metal.  We have drawn comparisons to the likes of Katatonia, Anathema, Slowdive, late Harold Budd, Blake Neely, Feeder, Saybia and even Deafheaven.

What does inspire you most?
The things that happen in our personal lives, special moods and situations.

Last Leaf Down have been around for quite some time [since 2003], and over the last few years you took a turn in your music from doom and dark-driven to more dreamy and ethereal, shoegaze melodies. What was the driving force for this change?
Well, I was always listening to Post-Rock and Shoegaze, but in 2007, following the change of two Band members, we chose to develop a more ethereal sound

You label your music very specifically as "Shoegaze from the Woods", and your videos and the cover of the album show images of woods. We wonder how you conceived this aesthetic -- how does nature or environment affect your music?
The pictures and videos are taken were we live -- in the woods ;). I always liked the aesthetic of Post / Depressive Black-Metal, and wanted to create a softer, dreamier version for our sound. I think the place where you live will always affect your music. For us, the woods inspire the more ambient, dark and mystic side of shoegaze.
Could you tell us about the concept behind ‘Fake Lights’?
It's not a classical concept-album, but all of the lyrics represent a certain desire. It’s about the "unlived lives", and the things that only exist in our minds and dreams. These elements can bring great strength and influence to us if they unfold, yet on the other hand they can also lead to disappointment—as is the case when you realise your illusion was just a "fake light".

On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music?
Most of the reviews were very good, and our fans are really enjoying the album. So we are very happy with the reception.
What about the Swiss music scene? Have you any recommendations?
Fans of us should listen to Nyctalgia.  Nyctalgia is an ethereal, ambient act out of Basel.

Which other musicians/bands do you admire?
In addition to the ones I already mentioned as influences, I’m also a fan of Petter Carlsen, An Autumn for Crippled Children, Daughter, and Alcest.

And what about the shoegaze scene nowadays?  Are there any new bands that have caught your attention?
I would recommend seasurfer from Germany.

What about your future plans? Are you preparing any new releases?

We have already written some new songs and are always writing music, but it's too early to discuss a new release date.