Music creates feelings that never existed.
It seems that everything comes from childhood, though I can’t remember my very own childhood feelings well enough. Looks like it all begins while you are sixteen or seventeen and by the time you are thirty it is completely formed. But these are things which are the most difficult to be described on paper – feelings and sensations.
I know for certain that I do love my daughter, I do love my mother – it’s something that we originally have inside. But how could you possibly describe love itself? In Russian word “lyubov” (which is “love” in English) originally was in ancient Russian language and means “Lyudi Bogov Vedayut” (which is “People Wis the Gods).
Could it be that music is Love? In that case it should be ethereal, Empyreal Love. Perhaps...
I remember the moments when I listen “Halo” of Depeche Mode...it feels like “piercing” me, “turns me inside out”, while some songs throw me into melancholy – “Je Te Rends Ton Amour” by Mylene Farmer makes me to pipe my eye. And the voice of Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance brings me to heavens and makes me fly above the clouds, I close my eyes and her godlike voice takes me to unknown places. Lots of examples, their list is endless...
Perhaps, music is Gods, and Gods are Love for certain, while Love is Life itself. However, I delude myself by saying that “music creates feelings that never existed”.
There is me, and there is life, and I can feel this life, I’ve experienced the love to woman... Looks like music is life itself, as for me and for many people like me.

By Serge from WANT/ed