Our first flight to Brazil

We will always remember our very first stay in Sao Paulo ! On the other part of the world,in Southern America.

We had a very good flight, all the members of the band included !

Many people and fans wanted to see us on stage…and wanted to know how was our landing like !

But now, we might say that the journey back to France seemed longer than the way to Brazil !

There will be many things that miss us in France ! Particularly those little bacon and cheese cold sandwiches  prepared by the people who invited us to play in their country !

 Besides they promissed to invite us back, and that’s what they did during the following years !

There were many things that really impressed us ! We found  rather strange  to stay all day long at the very top of a sky scraper !

We had a kind of  nanny dedicated by the organizers to care about us ! The way  she used to wash all the walls every day, by throwing water  in the bathroom ! And the way she everyday emptied every shelf of the flat to clean them entirely !

The floors and walls were so thin that we could hear her talking to herself, when she was not singing ! She rinsed, spoke and cleaned and talked very slowly. 
We really thought she was talking to other invisible persons that only her could see !

We were not allowed to  go out ! The streets were not safe ! We were always accompanied by local friends ! They were very watchfull about our safety ! I remember our long time night driving through the big city with music playing loud, the doors of the car locked from the inside. Our drivers were taking care about not stopping at the red light to avoid incident with possible robbers !!!!

We will always remember the street noises, the police cars rolling fast and noisingly along the streets with their blue lights on and sometimes the sound of the guns … !

In spite of the windows closed of our flat, we listened to them night and day.

It was impossible to cover them with the sound of the old black and white television : sad love novelas and evangelistic predicators screaming night and day!

The presence of copters  landing on the heliports located on some high building tops ! Incredible !

Sao Paulo is so big and so strange, ultra modern chaos melt with Macumba survivances encountered for example in some forgotten quarters of the Consolaçao Cemetery, a kind of tropical Père Lachaise with old graves from the end of the XIXth century and begining of the XXth. 

On stage it was marvelous.  Two sets on two different days ! There was a feeling of magic cause we had never played there before and the audience was bigger than we expected according to the few recognition we had in France in those times.

We got the sensation that all the public audience was specially there for us…

I still can’t imagine the reason for or why they were there.  We played two hours and a little more ! That was stressing and positive at the same time !In those 90’s years we were quite unknown in our own country and this warm welcoming of southern american fans was a kind of revelation for us. 
This first stay in Sao Paulo completely changed the vision we had of our own music and it’s possible impact on the heart and soul of people. 

We certainly knew that nothing would be the same after those brazilian shows !

It was the beginning of a kind of renaissance. This incredible experience gave us the strength to bring back the band to a longer life, recording several new original albums and making numerous OMS reeditions  that were released since then not only in Brazil but, at last, on our own continent and we even finally played live in the Wave Gotik Treffen of Leipzig in spite of our « not so goth » music… ! 

Patrick L.Robin / Opéra Multi Steel.

December 2014.