The B.H.D. “The black Hotel’s Doorkeepers” is a project from Nimes in France and their music is in the new wave / cold wave vein of Joy Division, but there are also some goth rock influences . On September 2014,The B.H.D. released their first album “Nothing is Colder than You”via the German label “Cold Insanity Music” and it caused my attention with their Joy Division influence. Early 2015, The B.H.D. released their second album “Dancing in the shadow’’ via  the French label “Manic Depression records”.
Since 2012, David Droz has twisted his personal demons into songs, quietly breathing new life into post-punk. On his new album he pushes his foreboding post punk even further.The last album “Dancing in the shadow’’  has a strong 80’s wave feeling to it carrying the  melancholy and dust of 80’s post punk and coldwave music. It is a lot in the Joy Division and Siglo XX vein.
The most captivating song is ‘"The stranger in the garden", the piece that opens this album. Moody bass, elegant synths  and crisp drum machine accompanying with  Droz’s  baritone voice,a song that coming close to ‘the Cure'. Another great moments are: the emotional "Nothing More To Give" with a haunting synth melody for intro , the most joy-division influenced songs  "Into the Shadow" and ‘Too Many People’ where  David's urgent vocals collide with the nervous guitar rythm, creating music that draws on eighties post punk and the soaked of darkness and torments  ‘Requiem’.

In conclusion,this album may be excessively morbid and dark for some tastes, but it's a darkness that feels honest. Those that have listened to Joy Division's  material will know what to expect going in. Sometimes soul-crushing and sometimes nervous rythmic post punk melodies. Among the list of bands being inspired by the early years of POST PUNK, ‘’The B.H.D’’ is one of the few that comes that close to the real and original spirit of that legendary decade. This is a very good work in the genre and I sincerely hope that this band will get a deserved and wider recognition.