Love in Prague is a cold wave duet formed in 2007. Their first self-produced EP Lost days in 2008 and the second EP Ice ages has been digitally released in December 2011.Their debut LP "Ghost note" was released on Kalinkaland Records in 2013,which made a lasting impression on many of us, as much for their offbeat style as for the unique atmosphere  in their beautiful songs like ‘melody Box’ ‘Fog’, ’Forgotten’.Their second LP Fallen angels is scheduled for released on Unknown Pleasures Records June 2015. It’s time to welcome Chloe and Benoit.

Love In Prague: Is Prague the perfect place for a love story?
We don't know, maybe ;) We choose this name because of a trip Chloé made in Prague in the past.She found the place so amazing that we decided to keep it in our bandname. “Prague” represents the isolation and fascination you can feel in anew place and “Love” underlines duality.

How long have you been playing music? Are there other bands have you played in?
We formed Love in Prague in 2007. Benoît has already played in several bands in the past.

In spite of the "dark romantic" side, there is a passion which transpires from the songs that being captured by melancholy.Where does this passion and inspiration come from according to you?
For us, passion is closely linked to our individuality as well and we bring all these different sorts of feelings within the songs. Creativity is such a strange process, images became songs and noises,voices you hear from nowhere could be a great source of inspiration too.

Are you attracted to the legendary and imaginary universe from the past?
It's funny you talk about the past because memories are truly the central core of our new LP “Fallen angels”.As a example, Benoît really likes literature from the 19th century ; you know like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Frankenstein etc. And Chloé is fond of History of Art, so the past clearly means a lot for us.
According to you, is it necessary to possess a certain form of sensibility to understand and appreciate your music?
If you like “dreamy danceable” music you will like Love in Prague ;) More seriously, we are not elitists so everyone who love melancholy in music should appreciate Love in Prague for sure.

Is there a story you are trying to tell with your music?
Benoît likes to put things in an abstract way in his lyrics so people could have their own interpretation of it. Nevertheless, we can say that Love in Prague music often deals with loneliness or escape from loneliness, modern alienation, dreams and memories.

Your new album ‘Fallen Angels’ is on the way. What should people expect from it?
Yes, our 2nd LP Fallen angels is scheduled for release on 10 June 2015 on Unknown Pleasures Records. This new album is quite different from the previous one and there is a surprise on it ;)

The synth coldwave scene has grown enormously everywhere and especially in France. What view do you have on this scene? Do you think you are part of it? As a lot of interesting bands come to light every day do you believe it’s a fashion?
That's true there are quite a lot of new bands in the Coldwave, Minimal or Synthpop scene.We are of course part of this musical genre but we think we have a “shoegaze” or “pop” touch that makes us a bit special. We don't know if cold music is “fashionable” or not but we noticed that the public is sometimes really looking for true feelings in the dark scene and the Coldwave genre is well-known for its longevity and integrity as well as a capacity of re-inventing itself and people really appreciate it.

Could you mention some of the bands that have had an influence on your music and some new bands that are special for you?
Love in Prague takes a lot of our time but we manage to listen to other bands sometimes ;)
From the past we like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Joy Divison, Cranes, The Eternal Afflict and many more...These days we listen to Lycia, VAC, Lebanon Hanover, Interpol, O Chidren, Light Asylum, Tr/st, David Lynch...

How do you see the project growing or changing in the next years?
Our main goal is to continue writing music we appreciate and we hope sincere.