When i was very young, a child, my music was listening my father works every day, every evening, writing with his typewriter,day by day, i remember now like " typewriter music " the soundtrack from childhood. Music is just a try to put something between the silence, some times you do it right, some times not. Every note, in itself, is obsolete. You need to destroy it, chop it, confront them , until find, an atonal and proper result.Beauty is mixed in the process inexplicably. Raw and imperfect.The composition is a traumatic process where we are forced to ejecting feelings THROUGH instruments. How to express them with machines? That's possible? Totally yes. But as I said, it is a process where man tries to throw their best ideas in notes and more notes, perhaps not carry anything and soon swallow his own anger and frustration finally.
Music is so important to us!  if we dare to betray the principles of it, we should be regarded as deserters from any war and treated in that way.
Always the best songs are the simplest and honest.

© César Canali (Vólkova)

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