In my mind there are a lot of memories related to  music , so for me it's very hard to choose one - this is a nice one i want to share - when i saw The Sisters of Mercy live for the first (and the last time).
 It was at Roskilde festival in Denmark , summer of 98 - they were not supposed to play , the line up was already crazy : Black Sabbath , Kraftwerk , Beastie Boys , Slayer , Sonic Youth ,  Marilyn Manson and on and on - for some reason two bands canceled the gigs - the Verve and Echo and the Bunnymen and..surprise , they called The Sisters of Mercy to replace them and headline the second night - despite i was already heavily into dark music i was still not fond of them - so i went to the stage under the tent and they show up in the middle of an impressive amount of smoke - you could almost see nothing , just the shadows - my understanding of english at that time was still basic but I heard clearly Andrew Eldritch say " hello we are Echo and the Verveman " with his typical low voice and they start straight away - this made me laugh and then the music was amazing - at some point they play Alice , and that was the top - always in a lot of smoke and some lights - never heard something so goth before but he was keep on repeating " we are a rock'n'roll band " .Anyway - this gig didn't change my life or something but for then on i become kind of obsessed with this band wich is still one of my favourite today - Sisters of Mercy are a band that always combine humor , irony with the most gothic music around perhaps - a main influence for me without any doubt.

So Dark all over Europe