Another track born from the collaboration between Silentport (Roman Rutten) and Lory Fayer, one song about dreamers and dreams; to know more let’s let them speak about that.

Roman Rutten: ''Dreams become part of reality only if we work for them. We don't have to hide our point of view behind fear. To dream is the only possibility to escape from the reality but it is also the way to change reality and to be a constructive part of a society.To make music is part of a dream. but music is the link between a dream and the attempt to find a place for it in the reality. dreaming makes the grey world colourful but only in "dreams". For me it is important to work for the reality with the impulse of dreaming.''

Lory Fayer: ''Dreamers are people often regarded with a pitiful, despising smile. But we shouldn't forget that civilization is born from one man who dreamed to own the fire of the storms, and worked to realize his dream, or that if we flight from one side to the other of our planet, it's thanks to who longed to reach the sky, to explore the world and has been able to turn his dream into reality.... Progress, art, beauty and love are nothing else than dreams come true.... And dreamers will keep on dreaming to colour the grey of the world, to make it become a better place, despite the concrete people, to fill the void of their days with their dream''.