After the split of Endraum in 2008 Roman Ruetten started creating his solo project"Silentport”, where all his old fans can listen again his magical, evocative piano touch... “full of feelings so deep that no words can describe”... as wrote Lory Fayer, an italian poetess who loves to join her words in music, on the lirics of “The Secret Room” another song fruit of their collaboration, that with this track, in exclusive prewiew for Die Seele has brought until now four songs.
Roman composes also music for fims, mainly tv documentarym and is also working again on the reunion of OPFER DER HINGABE with Dieter Mauson and in another project whose music still has to be presented to the public, and we just tell him that for him the door of Die Seele is always opened.
All Enraum discography has recently been digitally re issued by the histrorical german label Trisol, that counts about its signed up bands Sopor Aeternus and Claire Obscure.

Slipping away like a tear

Tears shine like diamonds
raindrops on a lonely islands
a soul without guidance
behind the mask of silence

Feeling lost in a labyrinth
Floating in rivers of absinthe
asking yourself the reasons
of your quest for oblivion

Tears on the face of lovers
washing away the colours
of their old fading dreams
in a pain without screams

dark clouds on the ceilings
ice that freezes the feelings
while you are teared apart
memories haunt your heart

Tears hurting your thoughts
on a path leading to naught
far away from what you need
from what you desired indeed

fearing that nobody understands
the void you feel in your hands
people thinking that you're cold
misleaded by what lies untold

Tears hiding behind loneliness
the black curtain of hopelesness
playing a piece only for their eyes
smiles made only to disguise

Acting a performance that stuns
just to preserve your loved ones
just to don't make them fear
that you might slip away like a tear