The history of rock is full of injustices. It’s very hard to understand why The Sound never found the same commercial success as other wave English bands of the 80s. Maybe because Adrian Borland didn’t have the same charm or hypnotic power of Peter Murphy, Ian Curtis and Siouxsie or maybe because they disobeyed their label Korova Records (WEA sub-label) that pushed them to sound more commercial. Adrian often fell into deep depression and on April 26, 1999, he committed suicide throwing himself into the path of an express train at Wimbledon tube station in London. Their music touched me deeply since first listen and it was natural for me to cover their song. “Winning”, with his overwhelming rhythm, is a song with great emotional intensity. I used electronic sounds and synthesizers for the process of creation. In the Spring and Summer of 2013, I recorded synths, my voice and guitar by Rossano Fortunali in my The White Room studio in Vasto. Bass guitar was recorded by Carlo Baldini in Montreal and it sounds very deep and powerful. Carlo mixed and mastered the song and we were very glad with the result. Wally Salem from The Beautiful Music, a Canadian record label, contacted us and “Winning” took part on “There Must Be a Hole in Your Memory”, a tribute to The Sound & Adrian Borland, release created in support of the film 'walking in the opposite direction'(facebook.com/AdrianBorlandDocumentary). “Winning” is our tribute to the memory of Adrian Borland and The Sound. Thank you Adrian for your wonderful music.