Music for me is a figment of inspiration which comes from God. It helps me feel and understand what life is. I close my eyes and I see pictures from nature, I feel people’s emotions, I sense cultures and civilizations. Those imaginary pictures are what I transform in tones, tonalities, scale, sonority, rhythm. I turn them into music.
I have to confess something. If in all previous sentences I replace the word “music” with the word “painting” absolutely nothing would have changed for me. The language that those two arts use is very similar. In painting I also use tones, tonalities, scale, and sonority. The alternation of lines and colors creates the rhythmic of a picture. For me the process of learning painting created my love for music. Gradually the creation of melodies became a necessity, just as the painting of pictures. Those two are already something indivisible.
Music is a sacrament. Making music reminds me of a religious rite – the musician perceives inspiration from above and recreates it in something tangible. That is why the harmonious and sublime music brings the presence of the spiritual. Similar to painting and all the other arts, it is an expression of a supreme spiritual sensibility and a great responsibility.