Minuit Machine just released their new album called « Violent Rains », under the german label No Emb Blanc records. The French synthwave duo surprised us with a 3rd release, a year after their outstanding first LP « Live & Destroy ».
« Violent Rains » is fundamentally different from « Live & Destroy ».Although the title is not so inspired as their  songs, we can clearly feel that the band refined its personal style, composed of many various influences.
The whole album is a story, at times dark, at times hopeful, and what’s remarkable is that each song has its very own signature. It’s impossible to get bored while listening to « Violent Rains », as both the music and the voice are constantly evolving thoughout the album.
Hélène’s compositions are brilliant as always, the synths are and the beats are melodious, touching and powerful. We can clearly feel some 90’s influences in the way she creates, but the 80’s are not forgotten and all of these elements combined together are contributing to Minuit Machine’s very own style.  
Amandine’s voice clearly evolved since « Blue Moon » and even « Live & Destroy ». The emotion she puts in her voice transcends us on each track. She manages to make us feel what she felt while writing the lyrics and to take us to our darkest or brightest places.  What’s new and much appreciated, is that we can hear Amandine’s voice very clearly, and understand the lyrics as she sings. Her voice is amazing and her talent in composing the vocalines is pretty inspired.  In this kind of music, it’s pretty rare to have this kind of mix and that’s one of the other reasons why Minuit Machine’s sound is so original.
 There are four songs that I enjoy more than the others (even if the other songs are very good too): 
Inner Self :  On this song, both Hélène and Amandine sing and to this song we have a great vocal line and we can finally enjoy more Amandine’s talent in singing.
Everlasting : the lyrics and vocal line are touching, the synths are perfect.
Black is my anger : it’s the darkest song of the album, both in the composition and the vocal line. This song could be the next hit of the darkwave nights.
Honey : With Honey, Minuit Machine clearly showed their ability to do something else than darkwave. The music is almost pop, and the vocal line almost indie. Excellent.

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Squeezed between white and black, promises and reality, the life dreamed and the one lived, the page 24 points out for us, the moment when the history of a book or of the life, takes an unexpected turning point, a different perspective... 
Alain d'Heloise
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New song from the upcoming album 'Anacrusis' , a massive dark monument full of analog tendencies to conquer the dancefloor... an album of complex Coldwave and Minimal Synth. Rapidly becoming a cult act, this album will surely become a classic of it's genre, and will hopefully please new and current fans of the band. Another milestone for Rhodes' finest.

Paradox Obscur use only hardware synthesizers and everything is performed and recorded in real time without the use of software.
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Onyria II

The first Onyria was born in 1993, The lyrics of The Frozen Autumn's song, from which in the re-issues of the cd he took off my name after a bad argument.

she was a dream maker lost in the world....... hoping to get back to the Oniric world of dreams to escape from a grey planned life.

Only the night and the dreams remained, no more like an hope, but like a shelter...
Onyria is grown up.... and she was too idealistic and pure for this world of stone...

Lory Fayer

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Emesys is the new sick baby of Der Himmel Über Berlin, and Dead Cities is a song that perfectly expresses their mix of romance and violence in the lyrics, and their late turning to a classical goth rock style, despite to a former typical Joy Division attitude.


cold cold cold cold

time… time’s running out
down to the wire
my hopes slip away
(as) every fucking time

They move in lazy circles
Like Birds of prey
Until the sun will shine again

I would penetrate this silence with a
Blue yell
Obscurated saturated

Collapsing beauty in the sky
But not here, not now
I’ll rip the colours off our night

cold cold cold cold

From here I can hardly feel
A sudden joy dipped
into liquid agonies

Collapsing borders of the sky
But not here, not now
I’ll rip the colours off our night

On dead cities

I’m the scorpion on your white back,
I’m the monkey’s scream 
You’re the failure of an opium generated dream
Can you feel the darkness moving…dancing… by our side ?
I’m the reptile’s nest, and you’re getting in, crawling in the grime

A dead city
 Der Himmel Über Berlin are a band coming from extreme north-east of Italy whose name explicitly reveals their attraction to middle-european sonority and atmosphere even though their lyrics are in english. Their sound takes us to postpunk based on the likes of Bauhaus, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, but with a contemporary twist, which makes them easily placed on the musical map and keeps them original nevertheless. In 2012 Der Himmel release their first studio album "Memories Never Fade". After a radical change in their line up they record a live album in Milano's historical Shelter Club in November of 2013, a natural consequence of extensive touring in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. With two official videos under their belt Der Himmel Über Berlin have just released their second studio album "Shadowdancers",and shared stages with bands such as Spiritual Front, Tying Tiffany, Diaframma, She Past Away, Soror Dolorosa, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and more....


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After less than one year from the release in digital download of "Le chaos de l'Histoire", almost following the leitmotif of the 80 which seems to come from the sound of this band, it sees the light this cassette for the Russian label Wondervogel.
This album is the story of the dark months that have followed the chaos, that has been the death of Frédéric, member and co-founder of L'Ordre d'Heloise with Alain, and his best friend. It 'a tribute to a person who he will never forget, and, at the same time, something pointing out the human side of this exceptional artist, is the history of the pain caused by an umbeareable loss and, at the same time, in the words of Alain, a cure, perhaps the only one not to go crazy.In this album there are eighteen tracks, for a total of more than seventy minutes of listening.
The first track is "Carnage", a song to which I am particulary fond because, it was the first that I have heard, when Alain left the link in the Facebook group, inviting people to discover the music of L'Ordre d'Heloise, and trying above all to let the world know that there had been a boy called Frèdèric, and that he left some music to listen .... In this track there is a contrast between the background, which seems to mark the rhythm of a heartbeat, and the guitar, which tells to who is able to catch the feelings expressed by the sounds, the ups and downs, hopes and despair of a part of story of one life.
"Apocalypse" has some sounds reminescences of Marc Seberg, and deals with the bitterness and pettiness that often mark the life of every day, despite the hard text, in the music there is no anger, but rather an infinite despair, that seems to represent the longing for a deliverance, like the desire to fly away, as the notes of the guitar do.
"Contamines" is a song marked by the rhythm of the synthesizer that sound cold and openly artificial, as often is our world ... the text tells of a handful of survivors of a nuclear explosion, I believe a metaphor representing the loss of someone important, that was an essential part of the small world of each of us... the one that ultimately really matters. "Coupes du monde" is a heartbreaking piece ... as abandon, losing someone, and simultaneously pulling oneself aside, the black tunnel that appears on the cover, where there is no light, but that sometimes can be chosen like a shelter from the pain ... The text, as well as several others by L'Ordre d'Heloise, sets Alain among the best songwriters of the New Wave, in my opinion second only to Ian Curtis, his words can describe the sense of alienation to a pre-established world, where we are asked to insert ourselves into a planned role, where nobody cares of our aspirations, our preferences, our own feelings.
"Ne restez pas en paix" starting from the reflections about cancer, about women alone that for this reason can't have children, widens the view for the fate of all mankind, to greed is pushing the world to the brink of the poisoning, the destruction. "Tunnel" is about the time of the passage leading in the afterlife, and it seems to describe metaphorically the moment of the farewell to Frèdèric, more general thoughts on the transience of life, lead us eventually to imagine even on our last trip, paradoxically, perhaps because of the affection that bound the two friends, the music, even if melancholy, has an underlying sweetness, that resonates in every single note. "Heloise" is another instrumental, which lets imagine this character, fictional, (whose story you can read in the Dusk Memory "Green") that is very similar to the Guides that lead  Souls to the other side as the "Lady of the Sycamore" or Charon of the Ancient Romans .... The track evokes an impetuous, relentless ride and represents also the anxiety and the fear of knowing that the moment of your passage is coming. The text of "F.", is nothing more than a last goodbye .... not chosen, full of nostalgia for love, and joy for having known them, and, even more than  in tunnel "Tunnel" in every note you can feel an immense but desperate sweetness. "Apres le chaos", another instrumental, describes the moment the storm, when the feelings, after having lost the distraction of taking care and to comfort, explodes in our minds and in our hearts, filling the void with anguish, despair, helplessness. To all this follows the emptiness,, "Le Neant" as the title of the piece that follows, more quiet though full of sorrow, of a coldness that grips the soul, interrupted only by moments of anger for how things turned out, the 'anguish of the question  "how to survive the devastation", an unanswered questions, also repeated in the text. "The Danger" describes the agony moments, the sense of impending danger, and the desperate awareness to feel protected by knowing that it's going to happen. "Perturbations" is  dominated by synthetic sounds again, is like a projection in a gray future where everything is poisoned, where things that seem trivial now will be nothing else but a memory soaked in nostalgia, a reminder to everyone that Nature rebels to who don't have respect, and that its strength is immensely greater and lethal than ours. "Photosyntese" is full of Spleen, the pace is distressed and the last steps, undecided between a furious speed that would put an end before the suffering and the fear of what will come next, the text runs to the apocalyptic vision of the previous, pointing out the interdependence between the collective catastrophe and individual tragedy, which is just a symptom of the first .... and the absolute black that fills us in front of it all  "as if a tanker of gutt was cast upon the thoughts "..." even the great lighthouse has collapsed "... what indicated the port of refuge .... like the arms of a friend who understood you ......
"Depresseur" is still full of artificial-sounding synth, an artificial calm and a monotonous rhythm .... like the calm artificial donated by psychiatric drugs, like the surrending in the arms of a glacial renunciation, like the self isolation. "Les arcanes de l'esprit" is a song with a double personality ...it speaks about the unresolved questions and doubts that torment, but also about the things that keep us afloat, as the immense love for a child .... Maybe that's why the synthetic sounds that seem to extend from the previous track are dissolved in an aura of sweetness. "La Foule" is like a follow up of the previous track, and starting from the wiew of the anonymous crowd, made up of anonymous people, who never ask themselves any question, becomes like a talk protective to our children, to warn them about how life is, to stay beside them  and support them as they grow up. "Agoratologie" is a return to the black, absolute, total, as a night without stars, ...... The synthesizer is cold, like an heart that beats only by inertia, the rest seems to express pain and disbelief, which seems to have no alternative ... the last lines of the text read "Not even death wants to know about me, Can I hope in another wiew" .... I hope the recognition of this last year, the appreciation of the public and radios have indicated to Alain in which direction to look for a new vision ....
 Demeure la chute is the instrumental that closes the album, the guitar that seems to describe the vertigo of the fall evoked by the title, relentless incumbent keyboards, as to represent the unpleasant surprises that life reserves, the bass line, like a heartbeat accelerated ....
But in the last year what is accelerating is the path of this band to the success it deserves, the road is still long, even if now the name "The odre of Heloise" is known to real fans, those looking for new groups, new emotions, and to several radio stations around the world that broadcasted the band in those months


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The world  that we have tried to portray over twenty years with l'ordre d'Héloïse swings between the sadness of reality and the the meanders  of human fears and despair. So, it is never a question of revolt in our albums, it's just matter of disaster. The disaster of what is and should not be, the disaster of human life and its constraints: the terminals. These terminals are birth and death, which are nevertheless the last refuge of equality between humans.

We imagined the recurring character of Héloïse a sort of pagan celestial guide,  revered like the sun in the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations by members of the order of Héloïse. They are the green eyes of Héloïse that will guide the various characters in their lives, but it is also she that leads them symbolically after life.

A few years later, when  the chaos won, when the darkness fall like an opaque veil on our lives, The symbolic colour of  l'ordre d'Héloïse turned from green to black.  It was may be due to the definitive loss of the last illusions,  perhaps it was  due to the lack of filters on the eyes of the members of the order, that allowed  them to see the world as it is and not  as fantasy.  Maybe because Héloïse called Federic with her, to take advantage of his immense talent of musician.

In any case, Héloïse  didn't chose me, so I have to keep on carrying our message, enormously positive at the end: let's enjoy the moments of grace that life offers us:  these magical little moments, those little insignificant trifles that are transforming our daily grayish into an enchanted and  colored festival. Here is, the deeper meaning of our music, but in order to be able to claim it, we need to pack it into a thick black paper ... Open the package and join  l'ordre d'Héloïse.

She, she was there, motionless; scrutinizing every move of people. She, she was there, a spectator of vices, accounting the errors of everybody,  observer of everything, responsible of the choice. she, she was there, we didn't see her , didn't feel her, it was not possible to touch her and not even to have any control over her. She, she was there, watching the crowd tirelessly, she did not judge the choice, she wasn't there for that ... 

She, she was there, silent, slender in her black dress, frightening for everyone, scary even for those who did not see her, as they were led astray by the epic tales, the  magical stories  or by the liturgical verses. The last hour could have sound, the fatal moment might have come , the second when everything goes might pass, the disaster might have been achieved , she would have been there. 

She, she was there, she was waiting for us to guide, to have to escort us to correct our missteps. She, she was there, her green eyes radiated, they showed down there, they showed to the restless one  how to cross the step, how to passover the clock. 

She, she was there, nobody saw her, nobody heard her, a spectator of the world, a guide to the beyond. 

She, she is there; She has green eyes, she is close to me. She is with me since always, I see her. She, she is there, her name is Heloise, she only said it to me. She, she is there, she looks after everything, she doesn't stop, she still believes in us, I feel her strength inside me, her green eyes are a lighthouse, a heading or tag .... she she is there like  a compass, she shows us the way, it's up to  choose if to follow it or not ... 

Her, she will be there, above all don't doubt about it, she will take your  hand, she will show the way ... She, she will be there, you will see her, believe me ... 

She, she is there, I know she is looking after  me, she has already pointed out to me, I saw what one can't see ... I see the green, I don't believe in mysteries, I know that one can see what he wants provided that he opens his eyes; I know that we can see much better, if we accept to see his eyes. 

She, she will be there, open your eyes ... 

Alain - L'ordre d'Héloïse 






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It is rare times that the Greek audience has the chance to see groups of ethereal scene in Greece.The Breath of Life for the first time in Greece and  some historic facts at first: The Belgian band started about 25 years ago, in 1989, as a energetic Dark Rock/ Goth outfit, focused on the vocals of front woman Isabelle Dekeyser.The line-up of the band includes Isabelle is:Czepczyk (guitar/bass guitar),Philippe Mauroy (guitar/bass guitar),Giovanni Bortolin(keybords/violin) ,Marc Haerden(drums).The band has released 7 studio albums and has played gigs all around Europe and has become one of the most persistent and reliable bands of the European Goth scene establishing a distinctive combination of gothic rock, ethereal voices, delicate synths and brilliant violins in their music.

Saturday night at Death Disco, i found myself in this state as I witnessed a bewitching performance by Breath of Life. The act started  at 23:00 and as we approached the midnight hour the band brought to the stage  a great show that  had such an amazing energy ,from the combination of rocking guitars, wafting keyboards come upon dark and velvet basses, whipped by straight and unswerving drums and of course the soaring and energetic  Isabelle’s vocals and theatrical performance . It’s hard to describe Isabelle’s  timbre, oscillating somewhere between shades of Liz Frasier and Monica Richards, evoking some kind of spirituality, that seems to baptize every song’s essence.The songs embraced  a wide scenery of moods : the  vulnerable fragility of ‘’Into the flames’’-a beautifully emotional ethereal masterpiece , the  pure gothic rock anthem "Cutting Wings" with a fast beat à la Sisters of Mercy or Love Like Blood, on which high-pitched voices and violins hover gently , the  melancholic atmosphere of ‘’To The Wild’’ and ‘’The Last 4 Days’’and one of my favourite songs of all time,and therefore the highlight of the evening , ‘’Nasty Clouds’’ a powerful song  played in a hypnotic  sarabande of violin,swirling guitars and voices.This song closed the set with the best way.There were two encores and the show was over just before 00.30 finding everyone satisfied and myself wanting more!

Conclusion: More than 25 years after their creation, the Breath of Life confirm they are still one of the best bands in the gothic rock / heavenly voice area.A beautiful, haunting, abrasive set of songs ,a convincing atmosphere and a stirring energy, powerful and solid by a band who really do deserve and is ready to enter the European stages again these days.

03.the last 4 days
05.the dark side
06.cutting wings
07.to the wild
08.waving to shades
09.into the flames
10.the valley
12.no way
14.nasty cloud
16.falling drops

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First live appearance of the season by Tango Mangalore with interesting guests last night at Teddy Boy.
The gig opened with mr.XIII (Backround Projection, Wave Tank).Haunted minimal electronics, dark ambient passages, noize bouts,some distorted vocals,samblers and especially intense experimentation featuring his collage of sounds.
The second act included Vaggelis Generalis (aka RIGHT KNIDER) on synths with mr.XIII on extra synth arrangement and vocals. Synthwave forms with coldwave vocals and some great unreleased songs presented for the first time only for the lucky audience.I hope the songs will be released one day.
The last act by the spooky sailor Tango Mangalore.Following the known paths as a story teller, he presented a collection of new and older songs from the depths of the abyss. The retro synths, the punk attitude, the energy and the melodic 'haunted' waltz moments flooded Teddy Boy for about 1 hour. One of the best moments, the closing song ,an unreleased melancholic waltz called ‘The Day The Boy Cried Rust’ that was performed with an electronic arp.

Just before 2 pm finished a very nice evening at teddy boy ... but the party continued all the night.
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