Minuit Machine just released their new album called « Violent Rains », under the german label No Emb Blanc records. The French synthwave duo surprised us with a 3rd release, a year after their outstanding first LP « Live & Destroy ».
« Violent Rains » is fundamentally different from « Live & Destroy ».Although the title is not so inspired as their  songs, we can clearly feel that the band refined its personal style, composed of many various influences.
The whole album is a story, at times dark, at times hopeful, and what’s remarkable is that each song has its very own signature. It’s impossible to get bored while listening to « Violent Rains », as both the music and the voice are constantly evolving thoughout the album.
Hélène’s compositions are brilliant as always, the synths are and the beats are melodious, touching and powerful. We can clearly feel some 90’s influences in the way she creates, but the 80’s are not forgotten and all of these elements combined together are contributing to Minuit Machine’s very own style.  
Amandine’s voice clearly evolved since « Blue Moon » and even « Live & Destroy ». The emotion she puts in her voice transcends us on each track. She manages to make us feel what she felt while writing the lyrics and to take us to our darkest or brightest places.  What’s new and much appreciated, is that we can hear Amandine’s voice very clearly, and understand the lyrics as she sings. Her voice is amazing and her talent in composing the vocalines is pretty inspired.  In this kind of music, it’s pretty rare to have this kind of mix and that’s one of the other reasons why Minuit Machine’s sound is so original.
 There are four songs that I enjoy more than the others (even if the other songs are very good too): 
Inner Self :  On this song, both Hélène and Amandine sing and to this song we have a great vocal line and we can finally enjoy more Amandine’s talent in singing.
Everlasting : the lyrics and vocal line are touching, the synths are perfect.
Black is my anger : it’s the darkest song of the album, both in the composition and the vocal line. This song could be the next hit of the darkwave nights.
Honey : With Honey, Minuit Machine clearly showed their ability to do something else than darkwave. The music is almost pop, and the vocal line almost indie. Excellent.