The world  that we have tried to portray over twenty years with l'ordre d'Héloïse swings between the sadness of reality and the the meanders  of human fears and despair. So, it is never a question of revolt in our albums, it's just matter of disaster. The disaster of what is and should not be, the disaster of human life and its constraints: the terminals. These terminals are birth and death, which are nevertheless the last refuge of equality between humans.

We imagined the recurring character of Héloïse a sort of pagan celestial guide,  revered like the sun in the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations by members of the order of Héloïse. They are the green eyes of Héloïse that will guide the various characters in their lives, but it is also she that leads them symbolically after life.

A few years later, when  the chaos won, when the darkness fall like an opaque veil on our lives, The symbolic colour of  l'ordre d'Héloïse turned from green to black.  It was may be due to the definitive loss of the last illusions,  perhaps it was  due to the lack of filters on the eyes of the members of the order, that allowed  them to see the world as it is and not  as fantasy.  Maybe because Héloïse called Federic with her, to take advantage of his immense talent of musician.

In any case, Héloïse  didn't chose me, so I have to keep on carrying our message, enormously positive at the end: let's enjoy the moments of grace that life offers us:  these magical little moments, those little insignificant trifles that are transforming our daily grayish into an enchanted and  colored festival. Here is, the deeper meaning of our music, but in order to be able to claim it, we need to pack it into a thick black paper ... Open the package and join  l'ordre d'Héloïse.

She, she was there, motionless; scrutinizing every move of people. She, she was there, a spectator of vices, accounting the errors of everybody,  observer of everything, responsible of the choice. she, she was there, we didn't see her , didn't feel her, it was not possible to touch her and not even to have any control over her. She, she was there, watching the crowd tirelessly, she did not judge the choice, she wasn't there for that ... 

She, she was there, silent, slender in her black dress, frightening for everyone, scary even for those who did not see her, as they were led astray by the epic tales, the  magical stories  or by the liturgical verses. The last hour could have sound, the fatal moment might have come , the second when everything goes might pass, the disaster might have been achieved , she would have been there. 

She, she was there, she was waiting for us to guide, to have to escort us to correct our missteps. She, she was there, her green eyes radiated, they showed down there, they showed to the restless one  how to cross the step, how to passover the clock. 

She, she was there, nobody saw her, nobody heard her, a spectator of the world, a guide to the beyond. 

She, she is there; She has green eyes, she is close to me. She is with me since always, I see her. She, she is there, her name is Heloise, she only said it to me. She, she is there, she looks after everything, she doesn't stop, she still believes in us, I feel her strength inside me, her green eyes are a lighthouse, a heading or tag .... she she is there like  a compass, she shows us the way, it's up to  choose if to follow it or not ... 

Her, she will be there, above all don't doubt about it, she will take your  hand, she will show the way ... She, she will be there, you will see her, believe me ... 

She, she is there, I know she is looking after  me, she has already pointed out to me, I saw what one can't see ... I see the green, I don't believe in mysteries, I know that one can see what he wants provided that he opens his eyes; I know that we can see much better, if we accept to see his eyes. 

She, she will be there, open your eyes ... 

Alain - L'ordre d'Héloïse