Emesys is the new sick baby of Der Himmel Über Berlin, and Dead Cities is a song that perfectly expresses their mix of romance and violence in the lyrics, and their late turning to a classical goth rock style, despite to a former typical Joy Division attitude.


cold cold cold cold

time… time’s running out
down to the wire
my hopes slip away
(as) every fucking time

They move in lazy circles
Like Birds of prey
Until the sun will shine again

I would penetrate this silence with a
Blue yell
Obscurated saturated

Collapsing beauty in the sky
But not here, not now
I’ll rip the colours off our night

cold cold cold cold

From here I can hardly feel
A sudden joy dipped
into liquid agonies

Collapsing borders of the sky
But not here, not now
I’ll rip the colours off our night

On dead cities

I’m the scorpion on your white back,
I’m the monkey’s scream 
You’re the failure of an opium generated dream
Can you feel the darkness moving…dancing… by our side ?
I’m the reptile’s nest, and you’re getting in, crawling in the grime

A dead city
 Der Himmel Über Berlin are a band coming from extreme north-east of Italy whose name explicitly reveals their attraction to middle-european sonority and atmosphere even though their lyrics are in english. Their sound takes us to postpunk based on the likes of Bauhaus, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, but with a contemporary twist, which makes them easily placed on the musical map and keeps them original nevertheless. In 2012 Der Himmel release their first studio album "Memories Never Fade". After a radical change in their line up they record a live album in Milano's historical Shelter Club in November of 2013, a natural consequence of extensive touring in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. With two official videos under their belt Der Himmel Über Berlin have just released their second studio album "Shadowdancers",and shared stages with bands such as Spiritual Front, Tying Tiffany, Diaframma, She Past Away, Soror Dolorosa, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and more....