First live appearance of the season by Tango Mangalore with interesting guests last night at Teddy Boy.
The gig opened with mr.XIII (Backround Projection, Wave Tank).Haunted minimal electronics, dark ambient passages, noize bouts,some distorted vocals,samblers and especially intense experimentation featuring his collage of sounds.
The second act included Vaggelis Generalis (aka RIGHT KNIDER) on synths with mr.XIII on extra synth arrangement and vocals. Synthwave forms with coldwave vocals and some great unreleased songs presented for the first time only for the lucky audience.I hope the songs will be released one day.
The last act by the spooky sailor Tango Mangalore.Following the known paths as a story teller, he presented a collection of new and older songs from the depths of the abyss. The retro synths, the punk attitude, the energy and the melodic 'haunted' waltz moments flooded Teddy Boy for about 1 hour. One of the best moments, the closing song ,an unreleased melancholic waltz called ‘The Day The Boy Cried Rust’ that was performed with an electronic arp.

Just before 2 pm finished a very nice evening at teddy boy ... but the party continued all the night.