It is rare times that the Greek audience has the chance to see groups of ethereal scene in Greece.The Breath of Life for the first time in Greece and  some historic facts at first: The Belgian band started about 25 years ago, in 1989, as a energetic Dark Rock/ Goth outfit, focused on the vocals of front woman Isabelle Dekeyser.The line-up of the band includes Isabelle is:Czepczyk (guitar/bass guitar),Philippe Mauroy (guitar/bass guitar),Giovanni Bortolin(keybords/violin) ,Marc Haerden(drums).The band has released 7 studio albums and has played gigs all around Europe and has become one of the most persistent and reliable bands of the European Goth scene establishing a distinctive combination of gothic rock, ethereal voices, delicate synths and brilliant violins in their music.

Saturday night at Death Disco, i found myself in this state as I witnessed a bewitching performance by Breath of Life. The act started  at 23:00 and as we approached the midnight hour the band brought to the stage  a great show that  had such an amazing energy ,from the combination of rocking guitars, wafting keyboards come upon dark and velvet basses, whipped by straight and unswerving drums and of course the soaring and energetic  Isabelle’s vocals and theatrical performance . It’s hard to describe Isabelle’s  timbre, oscillating somewhere between shades of Liz Frasier and Monica Richards, evoking some kind of spirituality, that seems to baptize every song’s essence.The songs embraced  a wide scenery of moods : the  vulnerable fragility of ‘’Into the flames’’-a beautifully emotional ethereal masterpiece , the  pure gothic rock anthem "Cutting Wings" with a fast beat à la Sisters of Mercy or Love Like Blood, on which high-pitched voices and violins hover gently , the  melancholic atmosphere of ‘’To The Wild’’ and ‘’The Last 4 Days’’and one of my favourite songs of all time,and therefore the highlight of the evening , ‘’Nasty Clouds’’ a powerful song  played in a hypnotic  sarabande of violin,swirling guitars and voices.This song closed the set with the best way.There were two encores and the show was over just before 00.30 finding everyone satisfied and myself wanting more!

Conclusion: More than 25 years after their creation, the Breath of Life confirm they are still one of the best bands in the gothic rock / heavenly voice area.A beautiful, haunting, abrasive set of songs ,a convincing atmosphere and a stirring energy, powerful and solid by a band who really do deserve and is ready to enter the European stages again these days.

03.the last 4 days
05.the dark side
06.cutting wings
07.to the wild
08.waving to shades
09.into the flames
10.the valley
12.no way
14.nasty cloud
16.falling drops