I didn t really knew the guy, I had heard about Taxi Girl and their song Cherchez le Garcon because it is an eighties standard in France. When Daniel Darc came slowly back into the light, the musical press started to publish articles about him as well as a lot of pictures, showing a man with black inked tattoed arms and a face that showed that life had not been always easy and fair with him… I liked this guy instantly when I read the articles, he had something very sensible in his eyes and also something really punkish in his attitude, a true survivor who had passed god knows how through the wild years and was allmost forgotten by many…
I have always had a lot of admiration and attraction for cursed poets and artists which for some reasons always stayed in the dark, probably because they were too fragile and had a much too heavy burden to carry through their personal life. So the first time I went to see Daniel Darc play live, it was more curiosity than anything else that took me to the concert.
I didn t knew his songs by then or his lyrics and live potential, only the fallen angel posture…
When the gig began it took a lot of time before he finally managed to come on stage and when he did, he first went to great and chat with all of his musicians before actually starting to sing, as if he wasn t on stage but somewhere in Paris hanging out in his favourite bar or record shop with some lads… Finally he started his repertoire, a small but strong man with an incredible sensibility and shyness and a smile in which you instantly would fall in love with...I did from the start, I was overwhelmed by emotions… His lyrics were pure poetry, a mixture of various influences, some kind of french William Boroughs... A part of the gig was very intimistic, very personal, Daniel always told stories about his daily life between the songs, sometimes he started a song and then stopped because he had forgotten the lyrics, sometimes he completely improvised or transformed a song or sang the lyrics of a song on the music of another, you would never know what was going to happen at a Daniel Darc gig, I discovered this with the time… There was something typically punk in his attitude and way of performing, nothing was prepared, he didn t care, he knew how to handle it all and that it would be great, that it would be art, that it would be fucking rock n roll anyhow (he hated this but at each gig there was always someone that would shout rock'n roll and Daniel would always react)… He always carried a small bible with him and sometimes read some verses from it or played on his harmonica. His voice was very fragile and sensual, his whole life experience was passing through it and you could litteraly feel it. People may have thought that Daniel was still on drugs but he wasn t, he had stopped his heroin addiction for good, but was carrying the consequences of his very long drug abuse. He always said himself that in one arm he had injected the equivalent of a Porsche and in the other the value of a Rolls Royce… He made me think of Nico, the german Velvet Underground Icon who had spent her life in the dark and on heroin as well but who also wrote wonderful songs and had a unique voice and charisma.

After a while and a couple of ballads and quiet songs the old punk emerged and brought the whole audience into a boiling state of madness. The whole room was now transformed into a gigantic mess, a huge pogo where everyone was moving from the front to the back… Probably like me a lot of people had come to this concert without really knowing Daniel or what he was singing and now suddenly you had the impression that you were witnessing a Stooges gig in the CBGB… I was mesmerized by what I saw and truly touched by the man, I had a true legend in front of me, a living piece of rock history. When the gig ended Daniel slowly went off the stage, he had to climb up a staircase to join the backstage area. I went over to him and instantly grabbed him like an old friend or brother would, I was that happy and didn t even thought about what I was doing. He took me in his arms for a long while and smilled, it was a moment I will never forget. I said to him that he had been great, that he had brought the room to burn and that he had to go on with this energy and power, he only started to step back into the light and the come back must have been hard I guess… He laughed, I later discovered that it was very hard for him to play live, that he always got sick before going on stage because he simply was that shy and it was each time a real improvement for him… From that day on I really got into his music and work and in some way identified a lot with it. I then went to see him play many times and in the last couple of years he toured, I saw him quite a lot… With the time, he became more used to touring and the gigs became more kind of professional and well prepared but always with a lot of surprises that only Daniel had the recipee of… I also came accross him quite some times during other gigs like at the Bauhaus reunion gig in Paris or at an Einsturzende Neubauten concert at la Villette, he had a true passion for music and not only pure rock'n roll. The day he passed away I cried, like if I was loosing a friend or someone very close and even now I still feel as if he was still there somewhere around, having a beer and telling jokes or playing on his harmonica in a smoky bar somewhere around La Bastille… I think that people like Daniel are without a doubt a true and profound influence to me, like a flikering light in the back of my mind that has brought me to finally ending up doing music myself... I hope we can share a beer again one day or another, up there in heaven or hell...

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silentport with LadyGhost and the words of Lory Fayer ...
recorded between september and november 2015 at weisser herbst studio ffm

Silence can be a lot of things:  a wall  that can't be humanly overcome, a border to keep the others distant from our innermost feelings, but it's above all the chest where hides the ultimate truth. Sometimes we feel the wish or the need to open this chest to share its secrets with a special person; this songs tries to describe what you feel when, and after you have done it.

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In the ever evolving search for new music, I sometimes come across releases from all over the world and very exciting is the level of experimentation and genre blending that exists today.My latest found Vlimmer is a psychedelic post-punk drone shoegaze band  from Germany. And the interesting thing here is how the german language fits to shoegaze dreamy music. Well , the band evoking a style combining  dark, crawling melodies and foggy guitar textures and the vocalist/guitarist  Alexander Leonard Donat’s voice floats with finesse on the surface of ‘Vlimmer’ deep, layered tracks. There are two eps  in my hands released via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

Their ep I presents  5 tracks, including music that is clearly rooted in a love of shoegaze bands of the late 1980s to early 1990s and we see some nice parallels here with bands like The Velvet Underground, Ride, Chapterhouse, Slowdive. It moves from hypnotic shoegaze to delirious and wonderful psychedelic pop.‘Verankerung’ and ‘zeitrand’ perhaps the most dreamy and soporific pieces  here that will have you struggling to stay earthbound. You’ll feel the urge to float with their addictive melody.I also like  ‘Schimmer’ , a mindblowing, interstellar odyssey of drone  guitars and whispering  vocals and  ‘Kanzer’ with its dazzling  melody. This ep really knows how to set a melancholic and nostalgic feel. I really love this sound and although i can see where Alexander  got his inspiration from this album is still really original in this day and age.

The second ep continues their  fondness  for distorted guitars and ambient walls of sound, somewhere between the blissed-out sound of the shoegaze bands and 60’s psychedelic music. My favourites are: ‘Stillstand’that sounds almost like the start of a second movement with the rythm picking out the trace of a melody as the guitar swirl around,the slow hypnotic ‘Zeitriss’  and the epic 6 minute verschiebung', a relentless fast-building piece that closes the ep.

Vlimmer with these two impressive releases seem to aim to replicate an overwhelming sensation through the music and will send the listener through an emotional sonic journey.  For  fans of shoegaze, drone-rock and psychedelic  music, this is definitely worth investigating.


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Squeezed between white and black, promises and reality, the life dreamed and the one lived, the page 24 points out for us, the moment when the history of a book or of the life, takes an unexpected turning point, a different perspective... 
Alain d'Heloise

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 Today is the Day of Thanking

Yes, because it could even be trivial, obvious ... but it is a pleasant duty ... or a dutiful pleasure, as you prefer to call it.
Thank you.
To you who have been there ... you who have waited, listened, sang, clapped ... for you who have been silently waiting that this band came back to make what was missing for too long.
To you who have played, are playing and will play with me ... to you that you have added to my life ... something that is more than just a hobby, as someone would say ...
To you who you have painted it with colors without name and have given to this dimension a scent understood by few but loved by all.
I speak for myself ... I have been waiting for this moment for so long time ... I have filled my mouth, my heart and mind ... I used it as a stimulus, as a prod for the others ...a way to move forward. It’s like the horizon, to chase something that you know that you will never reach ... but that's the thrill:  to chase knowing that the prize is not the finish line, but everything happening while you run, because you choose to do so.
And now it was the time!
The keyboard had almost finished the intro and we move on stage ... I don’t turn back while I go up, but I hear people starting to gather under the stage ... and it seems almost rude to give them him the back: they are all friends ...
Try to understand me: s tied up inside in a thousand knots, I feel like an instrument forgotten for so long in custody ... afraid to be broken, to be out of tune, to disappoint ... it's like when you want something so much and then when you're about to get it, you fear to break it for your  ardor, the strength of the desire to grab and love it ... after more than eight years.
The notes of the intro run on the piano... and the beautiful thing is that it’s you who have composed that intro. Funny ... it has been written a little bit as the soundtrack of the main scene of your own movie.
Almost melancholic and epic.
Beautiful ... so beautiful.. but ...
Poop, So much poop; ultimately, it is "only" emotion.
And, you know, the excitement it makes so much shit, sometimes.
But now there is no time for shit, so jump Stefano!
I give the first hit to the drum…
My heart is on the head of the drum sticks.
Indeed, it whispers-
I forget to breathe.
(And in fact my heart says: "Hey, it’s you who have decided? I promise you that I keep on beating ... but you breath, for the God’s sake!!!")
And so I did. It Even if I had to concentrate three or four times to breathe ... I played in apnea to do the best that I could.
An hour and twenty, almost in apnea ... interrupted here and there by your voices, from your singing, your hands cheering ... I felt warmly cuddled ... ... I say to myself "is going well . Stefano'... like you always wanted ... ".
It happened to my to cry while I was going on stage. And again at the end, when, in a row in front of you, we have thanked the you. But just because I'm an insane child of 44 years emotionally unstable, basically
Finally it is all so simple ... but I have never been synthetic or laconic (luckly, I say, sometimes).
But last night I was wishing we could express everything in a word; A word that today is constantly misused: ...
Music is sharing.
And with the music I am.
And yesterday I was. Also thanks to you.
Today is the day of Thanks ...
So, once again ...

Thank you

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Official Video taken from the upcoming new album " Cultural Bleeding " which will be released by Wave Records on November 30th (2015)
Original quote - performing in ancient Greek language from "Antigone" , tragedy by Sophocles
Costume design: ©Phantomlovely

Lyrics " translation in English " :

Chorus :

"O Love invincible love" !
You are beyond wars, beyond any place you fall!
You make nests out of the soft cheeks of young girls for your slumber…
…and you hover over the oceans and distant lands
…and no immortal god, nor mortal man with his measured days escapes you!

And then, you catch and your catch becomes insane!

You push the minds of the just to do injustice
And you’re the one who lit this fire of discord between two men of the same blood. Between father and son.
Through the lashes of a lusty bride, Passion, you win the day, scorning the great laws which hold sway over the whole world.

Because Aphrodite is invincible!.
So now, I, too, seeing all this Leave the laws behind me and I cannot stop the fountain of my tears when I see Antigone being dragged to her eternal death-chamber.


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Twice A Man  is certainly one of the more important bands in the synth music so far.With more than 30 years and 17 albums worth of experience the Swedish arty synth  act declare 'present' with their new album number 18.Dan Soderqvist and Karl Gasleben were joined by Jocke Soderqvist for the first time since 1986.The first line up together again and  the longtime fans  have been looking forward to  their most promising record in recent years.
The new album takes things in a new direction, channeling their history of the more experimental style into a slightly more synth pop and fresh electronic  focus. Not only the music but also the lyrics come to a different direction. While the previous album (Icicles)  referred to the pain of the heart  'Presence' evolves a look into outside world and the madnesss that prevails (economy,religions,fanatism et.c) that poison our world. Titles ( 'A time of terror', 'Black' , 'A world is gone' ) and  lyrics that reflect  the dust and chaos  of our world:

''children dragging their broken bones in the streets
Cracked eyes of men,with no life
Insane cries without end
Reverberate between religious walls.''

But also reflect hope saying that it’s our chance to find the destination,to find the way back to light:

''If you are lost,release the flood,your awakening
You will see,you will hear,a garden of delight
Prepare yourself,don’t be a fool,time is on our side
High in the clouds
Something brings the light''.

It is obvious that Twice A Man are trying to make a transformation happen on this album-from shadows to the sun, from darkness  to light causing mixing emotions.
Favourite tracks include the singles, 'Black' and 'Kick The Earthdrum' ,the club friendly 'Lines' that reaches for a state of dancefloor euphoria,the moody 'Presence' driving you into a melancholic dreamscape and the beautiful 'High In The Cloud' with the echoing female backup vocals that delivers you a wistful melancholy-a powerful conclusion to album.
Twice a Man - High in the clouds from wtpa.se on Vimeo.

After repeated listens, I've come to the conclusion that 'Presence' is a mature effort with bittersweet melodies and simple melancholic songs that touch. The vocals really beautiful and warm. The record's carefully considered aesthetic and meticulous production bear all the hallmarks of the band’s quality work . I believe that this record could be interesting for lovers of quality synthpop!
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