Official Video taken from the upcoming new album " Cultural Bleeding " which will be released by Wave Records on November 30th (2015)
Original quote - performing in ancient Greek language from "Antigone" , tragedy by Sophocles
Costume design: ©Phantomlovely

Lyrics " translation in English " :

Chorus :

"O Love invincible love" !
You are beyond wars, beyond any place you fall!
You make nests out of the soft cheeks of young girls for your slumber…
…and you hover over the oceans and distant lands
…and no immortal god, nor mortal man with his measured days escapes you!

And then, you catch and your catch becomes insane!

You push the minds of the just to do injustice
And you’re the one who lit this fire of discord between two men of the same blood. Between father and son.
Through the lashes of a lusty bride, Passion, you win the day, scorning the great laws which hold sway over the whole world.

Because Aphrodite is invincible!.
So now, I, too, seeing all this Leave the laws behind me and I cannot stop the fountain of my tears when I see Antigone being dragged to her eternal death-chamber.