Today is the Day of Thanking

Yes, because it could even be trivial, obvious ... but it is a pleasant duty ... or a dutiful pleasure, as you prefer to call it.
Thank you.
To you who have been there ... you who have waited, listened, sang, clapped ... for you who have been silently waiting that this band came back to make what was missing for too long.
To you who have played, are playing and will play with me ... to you that you have added to my life ... something that is more than just a hobby, as someone would say ...
To you who you have painted it with colors without name and have given to this dimension a scent understood by few but loved by all.
I speak for myself ... I have been waiting for this moment for so long time ... I have filled my mouth, my heart and mind ... I used it as a stimulus, as a prod for the others ...a way to move forward. It’s like the horizon, to chase something that you know that you will never reach ... but that's the thrill:  to chase knowing that the prize is not the finish line, but everything happening while you run, because you choose to do so.
And now it was the time!
The keyboard had almost finished the intro and we move on stage ... I don’t turn back while I go up, but I hear people starting to gather under the stage ... and it seems almost rude to give them him the back: they are all friends ...
Try to understand me: s tied up inside in a thousand knots, I feel like an instrument forgotten for so long in custody ... afraid to be broken, to be out of tune, to disappoint ... it's like when you want something so much and then when you're about to get it, you fear to break it for your  ardor, the strength of the desire to grab and love it ... after more than eight years.
The notes of the intro run on the piano... and the beautiful thing is that it’s you who have composed that intro. Funny ... it has been written a little bit as the soundtrack of the main scene of your own movie.
Almost melancholic and epic.
Beautiful ... so beautiful.. but ...
Poop, So much poop; ultimately, it is "only" emotion.
And, you know, the excitement it makes so much shit, sometimes.
But now there is no time for shit, so jump Stefano!
I give the first hit to the drum…
My heart is on the head of the drum sticks.
Indeed, it whispers-
I forget to breathe.
(And in fact my heart says: "Hey, it’s you who have decided? I promise you that I keep on beating ... but you breath, for the God’s sake!!!")
And so I did. It Even if I had to concentrate three or four times to breathe ... I played in apnea to do the best that I could.
An hour and twenty, almost in apnea ... interrupted here and there by your voices, from your singing, your hands cheering ... I felt warmly cuddled ... ... I say to myself "is going well . Stefano'... like you always wanted ... ".
It happened to my to cry while I was going on stage. And again at the end, when, in a row in front of you, we have thanked the you. But just because I'm an insane child of 44 years emotionally unstable, basically
Finally it is all so simple ... but I have never been synthetic or laconic (luckly, I say, sometimes).
But last night I was wishing we could express everything in a word; A word that today is constantly misused: ...
Music is sharing.
And with the music I am.
And yesterday I was. Also thanks to you.
Today is the day of Thanks ...
So, once again ...

Thank you