In the ever evolving search for new music, I sometimes come across releases from all over the world and very exciting is the level of experimentation and genre blending that exists today.My latest found Vlimmer is a psychedelic post-punk drone shoegaze band  from Germany. And the interesting thing here is how the german language fits to shoegaze dreamy music. Well , the band evoking a style combining  dark, crawling melodies and foggy guitar textures and the vocalist/guitarist  Alexander Leonard Donat’s voice floats with finesse on the surface of ‘Vlimmer’ deep, layered tracks. There are two eps  in my hands released via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

Their ep I presents  5 tracks, including music that is clearly rooted in a love of shoegaze bands of the late 1980s to early 1990s and we see some nice parallels here with bands like The Velvet Underground, Ride, Chapterhouse, Slowdive. It moves from hypnotic shoegaze to delirious and wonderful psychedelic pop.‘Verankerung’ and ‘zeitrand’ perhaps the most dreamy and soporific pieces  here that will have you struggling to stay earthbound. You’ll feel the urge to float with their addictive melody.I also like  ‘Schimmer’ , a mindblowing, interstellar odyssey of drone  guitars and whispering  vocals and  ‘Kanzer’ with its dazzling  melody. This ep really knows how to set a melancholic and nostalgic feel. I really love this sound and although i can see where Alexander  got his inspiration from this album is still really original in this day and age.

The second ep continues their  fondness  for distorted guitars and ambient walls of sound, somewhere between the blissed-out sound of the shoegaze bands and 60’s psychedelic music. My favourites are: ‘Stillstand’that sounds almost like the start of a second movement with the rythm picking out the trace of a melody as the guitar swirl around,the slow hypnotic ‘Zeitriss’  and the epic 6 minute verschiebung', a relentless fast-building piece that closes the ep.

Vlimmer with these two impressive releases seem to aim to replicate an overwhelming sensation through the music and will send the listener through an emotional sonic journey.  For  fans of shoegaze, drone-rock and psychedelic  music, this is definitely worth investigating.