Prélude à l’âme d’élégie is the fifth release of Day Before Us, a neoclassical, cold and dark art project formed by Philippe Blache in 2011. Opn seems the ultimate vehicle for the exploration of exulted poetical feelings, inner realities and lyrical movements of the soul in this evocative masterpiece that seems to incorporate all elements that used to be the musical idiom of Day Before Us so far, and at the same time exceeding them in the most advanced way. Day Before Us manages to capture the rare feeling produced by the haunting sound of the first period of 4AD, proving that the secret behind all influencing music is to reach experimentation exceeding, however, a solid basis, that of classical studies in music. In Prélude à l’âme d’élégie originality is proved via a blend of mystical resonance, ambient textures and compelling minor-key melodies, alternating between Recitatives and vocal parts in various languages, written and performed by Jessica Peace, Natalya Romashina and Davide Riccio.
Listening to Prélude à l’âme d’élégie I couldn’t help thinking that all initiative processes start with the contact with the four elements. Consciously or not Day Before Us managed to release eight tracks, four of which, the first ones conduct the listener to the realm of transcendentalism via a sublime, alchemical process.
“Lorsque la nuit lasse étreint l’inconnu” is the ordeal of Water, what an element to start, diving in this way into the subconscious. Nostalgic melancholy flirts with sea waves, sounds of seabirds, forcing long gone childhood memories to emerge with escalating tones and a deep meditative ambience.
“Ecstasy of the stigmatist” is musically connected with the thematic introduction of the previous track, as the transition is subtle and the listener feels like wandering in dungeons and dark cathedrals, where awe is evoked via religious elements as well as the promise of ascension.The track becomes theatrical, as after a short dialogue reminding an old film, and having the element of Earth in mind, music starts to behave like a flower jumping out of its seed, out of the soil and into the Air of the next track, managing the ordeal of the Earth element.
“Voyna serdtsa”, the third track is the ordeal of Air. Natalya Romashina, starts with an incantation, like right before dusk, and continues with enchanting ethereal vocals in a neoclassical mood, manifesting the promise of the Air, meaning the intellectual elevation. “Alda börnom” is pure Fire, sentimental and erotic, like the sizzling sound of a comforting fireplace burning dry wood. And, now, with the beautiful voice, of Jessica Peace the listener is ready for the rest of the journey. “Talk room” has a dream pop feeling, with female whispers (Jessica Peace) and the sense of eavesdropping conversations, or just words and numbers, very theatrical. “Rise of elegeia” reminds me of a confession, again full of neoclassical elements and the warm voice of Davide Riccio. “Tempestarii” is good old Day Before Us and with “La somnambule” the circle of nostalgia ends with female vocals, Jessica Peace again, and the need to repeat the journey. The artwork of the album is based on Kamila Nora Netikova’s photographs, adding to this atmospheric masterpiece, definitely an influential one! 

Review by Mary Vareliwww.paradoxehereal-magazine.com )