A track born thanks to the infinite possibilities that internet unfolds: The Colours of silence, a band formed by the brazilian Keybordist Helios and the german singer Bjarkan, here with the lyrics of the italian Lory Fayer: this is really music without borders

a love song dyed of blue
I write im my  lyrics and themes
the description of my dreams
of my only true and deep desire
of what puts my soul on fire

I entrust one kiss to my lines
I smile to you using my rhymes
trying to forget for a moment
a distance that can't be broken

the alphabet becames the hand
that reaches your foreign land
the frontier that keeps us apart
to stroke sweetly your heart

you can't imagine the sadness
behind my words of tenderness
all the things I would like to do
if all my hopes could come true

sometimes tears turn into ink
the space an ocean where I sink
I look at you  closing my eyes
only toughts can cross the skyes

I pick up my pen like a drug
to find phrases warm like a hug
a letter closed with a seal of blood
while in my eyes it starts a flood

I sing a love song dyed of blue
sad because I can't be with you