At 11.30, the Frozen Autumn took place on the stage of Death Disco .The  Frozen Autumn once again came to the Greek audience who admittedly loves them enough. For me, it was the third time I saw them live. Unlike the other two gigs of Frozen Autumn that I have attended in the past, both Diego and Froxeanne were dancing on stage throughout their show and the energy was transferred to the audience. Looking at the video and the photos that are available on this article it’s obvious that Frozen Autumn are not static behind the microphone and the synth. 

This show was also accompanied by visuals which was creating a unique atmosphere.The music cold, moody darkwave absolutely blanketed in waves of atmospheric synths.The band alternated their places behind the microphone and the synth in a seemingly automatic almost robotic way and both Diego and Froxeanne was singing and performing perfectly. The strongest moments was ‘Silence is talking’ ,Is everything real’, This time’ , There’s no time to recall.
The opening act  was the Italian four-member band  Hidden Place first time in Greek audience.With melancholic, onward driving songs heavily influenced by 80s Electro Wave,they had a very positive stage appearance. 

All we enjoyed their older songs such as ‘Window Sill’, Picture Hall’ or newer such as the powerful  ‘Alla Mostra Dei Costruttivisti’ . . It would be difficult not to dance with the powerful melodies and the rhythms of this ‘best of’ setlist. Another  tip of their setlist was my favourite song from their neofolk side-project  Lupis Gladius  ‘Gli Ultimi Bagliori’. Despite Frozen Autumn’s  undeniable qualities as a live act – Hidden Place easily were the cherry on the cake of an excellent night.