As known , NADJA was a significant group New Wave / Dark from Liguria, active in the '80s .In November 2015, following a long and patient recovery audiotapes recorded in 1987, leaked into the digital out a new work NADJA: CD nadja '87 (FU).
Listening to the CD reserve a big surprise: the texts of the pieces are previously unreleased, and sung in Italian.To date, the material available online for NADJA was related to songs from La Joie (1984) and Eros (1985), with lyrics in English; it was not available documentation on this change in the group's production.

In 1985, just before the release of the compilation on vinyl CODE, NADJA indeed changed vocalist ; Osvaldo Lanata left the band .Therefore NADJA, which remain Fabio Giannini, Michele Militello and Roberto Andreotti, is looking for a new singer, identifying Maurizio Montemauri .With this line up the band, which had meanwhile decided to continue its production with texts in Italian, it remains until the dissolution, which occurred in 1987.

The history of a band is often enriched by episodes 'behind the scenes' between the components; between those who follow a band, there is often curiosity about personal rivalries, the leadership, and so on.
The components of NADJA (since its complete form about musical style, the 1981 formation with Giannini - Lanata - Militello - Andreotti), were not friends before the creation of the group; even knew each other.The collaboration, respect, affection, has been created by working together; perhaps for this reason still it lasts.

On 'clashes' between the components of which remained memory is reported by the official Facebook Page of NADJA:(https://www.facebook.com/Nadja_italian_darkwave_band-861144237288209/)

the following memory of Michele, in 1983:

“We rehearsed the parts of a piece; I do not very convincing interpretation of Osvaldo, Osvaldo did not convince my bass part. While we was discussing the tones climbed a little,  Osvaldo said:
"You are playing bass like the bassist of Japan!" .
I replied:
"And you are singing like you were in a group of ‘Liscio‘!"
I dropped down my bass, and went out to take a shot of half an hour; cools off the nervous, I went back to the rehearsal room.
The others were still there ; I taken down my bass, I went on trial “.
It was all over; the episode did not remember any more, and if they have not even spoken…”

Ordinary dialectic, then, between members of a musical group.
The truth about the lineup change in 1985 is therefore very simple: Osvaldo was interested in pursuing other musical projects, and NADJA did a change of musical production, with Italian lyrics; nothing to do with rivalry over the leadership .
Gossip lovers will be disappointed, but still NADJA components of both teams are in good relationships.