DieSeele presents the limited edition 7" vinyl split single featuring the bands Remain In Light and The Moon In June released by Ars Nocturna. Specifically it contains the song "Dead Alaska" by Thessaloniki’s post-punk/goth rockers Remain In Light, while the other side features the track "Grey Skies April Skies" by the new ethereal wave band The Moon In June from Athens.

Remain In Light is Y (bass/lyrics/music),Elder K (vocals),Dok (guitar),Constantine (synth bass) ,Ghoul (drums) . The band has released a self-produced 6-track mini-LP "Introduction To A Dream" in early 2014 and the  track "Dead Alaska" is from their forthcoming second mini-LP "Splinters in Arcadia" due to be released sometime in 2016.The fans of oldschool postpunk will enjoy this song.

The Moon In June is a new project from Athens formed by Nick Drivas (previously of the darkwave/gothic band Distorted Image) and Marily Kitsiona on vocals. The duet had previously worked together in the indie bands Starblind and Soho 6. Now their music is stirred in a dark ethereal direction, with influences emanating from the wider dark ethereal scene with mainly that of the Cocteau Twins and Collection D'Arnell-Andrea. Although their first track "Grey Skies April Skies" was recorded in 2014, it was written by Nick way back in 1988. Dreamy guitar tunes by Nikos and Marily’s beautiful voice make an emotional song which is definitely worth investigating for  fans of ethereal music.