music by Roman Rütten (Silentport)

video by Marilia Fotopoulou for DieSeele productions

lyrics by Lory Fayer

I’d like to give you a dream that lasts
Or at least something you can trust
To lift your soul up to the heights
Beating strong the wings of faith

I’d like to give you a night to sleep
Without the nightmares that creep
The silence without voices that call
Without advices that make you fall

If I could drive you out of this cold
Bring you where the future unfolds
To The place where hopes can return
Even without the masks we worn

If I could promise you that tomorrow
You will forget suddenly all your sorrows
I’d like to tell you that youth is a gift
That you will find a port before you drift

But I can only offer you my silence
Instead of giving a false guidance
Because experience made me aware
That life is a journey across despair

I can only offer you my simpathy
when life will have no mercy
To heal at least for a little while
The sadness that stole your smile

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