Hello Alessandra and Lucas! I would like to thank you at first for your time here on Die Seele radio.
1) We already know how did the name Schonwald come up. Lucas, if I’m not wrong it’s the last name of one of your parents and at the same time it means ‘’already in the woods’’. How did you decide to use this and not something else?
Luca : Yes, you're right ! Schonwald means in German something like "already in the woods" and it has also a personal connection because it's a variation of my mother's family name, in fact I'm of German descent, the correct surname is Schönwald.
We think that the name is full of poetic suggestions so very good for a band name.

2) What is your music past before Schonwald and Shad Shadows ?

Luca : Our first band for witch we were involved to was a project called "Tennis" a kind of alternative dreamy pop band, after a while I joined Alessandra in her project called "Pitch" an indie cult band of the 90's here in Italy.

3) How is it to work together as a couple?
Alessandra : We are a couple and we have just got married two weeks ago.
When we play music is a sort of emotional waterfall created by the feelings between me and Luca so it's an advantage to the creative process.

4) What are your music influenses and where do you find insipration to create new songs?
Alessandra : We love bands like The Cure, New Order, The Jesus and Mary Chain, DNA, Suicide; our music is truly inspired by the 80's sound!
We grew up listening to the New York NO WAVE scene and British Post Punk bands mainly.

5) Tell us some words about Shad Shadows. Why a second project?
Luca : Shad Shadows is completely electronic stuffs, without guitar and bass. We are oriented on the search of sounds recalling movie scores, late 80s and 90s industrial dance.
I started a second project because it was a challenge to me for starting to sing and try to express myself with another kind of music.

6) What your lyrics mean for you?

Alessandra : In my opinion, writing song lyrics means to communicate without too much schemes and to let freely flow our own sensations and the images that are much closer to my experience of life. Usually, my lyrics consists of the repetition of sentences and words that give a more obsessive and more
hypnotic mood to the song.

 7) What are your other interests besides music?
Luca : We love ART.
Regarding visual artists in our top list there are Bruce Nauman, Bansky and Marina Abramovic. About painting we like a lot the impressionism, Abstract expressionism and we like also the portraits of Kevin Cummins as a Photographer.

8) You are about to give a concert in Athens for first time. How do you feel about it
and about playing with Paradox Obscur for a second time?
Alessandra : We are very excited to play there for the first time of course and can't wait to share the stage again with Anna and Kostas of Paradox Obscur. We played last year in Belgium and it was great !
9) What the greek audience has to expect?

Luca : Dark atmosphere from our previous album "Dream for the Fall" and also sick noise hypnotic rythm from the songs of our last album "Between Parallel LIghts".
interview by Onyria