Thank you for the interview! I’m very happy for this conversation. Welcome to DieSeele!

*Selofan were very active the last few months..A new album, live gigs and your name getting bigger day by day.  How do you find the reception of the audience in Greece and abroad?
Thank you “Die Seele”. Both the environment we live in and our personal obsessions demand to be active, but we don’t feel we would become popular in terms of commercialism. Our home is a small but eclectic scene of uneasy listeners, the construction of which started first abroad but lately the Greek audience adds passionately bricks to this building.

*You are part of a great label (Fabrika rec.) with some of the most talented groups. Tell us about the Fabrika team and your friendship with the other bands especially with Lebanon Hanover.
Fabrika is a platform for unconventional artists, releasing limited editions of vinyl. Fabrika managed to remain outside the current marketing mechanisms and still become a successful, independent, Greek record label. We are absolutely happy to belong to the Fabrika family, because even if we didn’t we would be its most loyal fans and buy for sure all its releases. This is our connection with the other bands and especially Lebanon Hanover and She past away, we really love each others music in a way that any possible creative cooperation between us just feels natural. There is no 'you' and 'me', there is 'us', we support each other, play gigs or tour together, even mix members. This artistic freedom maximizes creative energies and is the most wonderful thing we get from the label. So it happened that Larissa of LH felt she could express herself through our music and sang in one of our tracks and we also played bass and synths on a she past away track.

*Vinyl or cd? Why the vinyls are released by Fabrika label and the cds are released by Dead Scarlet records?
As a music consumer vinyl for sure, as a band both formats and even more are equally good. Did you know that we already have two tapes released from other labels? Time to reveal you a small secret, Fabrika is Scarlet’s younger sister, so the music remains in the family, it’s just the name that changes.

*Which bands inspired you to become musicians?
Our lives are influenced by the sound of the underground in the 80s, many bands from different scenes and countries inspired us not to become musicians, this happened naturally for different reasons, but they sure contributed to the fact, that we don’t focus in one particular music style and enjoy mixing elements from different genres.

*Selofan is a duet. However, we can see the difference in the mood and style between songs performed by each one of you. Which is Joanna’s role and which Dimitris’?
 The roles are quite clear, Dimitris “synthesizes” the sound and Joanna the words, of course we both contribute to each others part and fire up each others imagination.

*What do you find beautiful and aesthetically inspiring? Is it a kind of music, or other forms of art? I think that poetry is one source of inspiration according to your lyrics.
Poetry is a basic source of beauty, some of our tracks are based on our favorite poems. But also the underworld princes, all outsiders, old rejected movie divas, drama and drag queens, gay culture, we are inspired by the extremes of passion in every thinkable way.

*What do you think of Greece? Are there enough opportunities here for you?
Athens is our base, it feels like a long lasting but hopeless marriage, where at the same time you deeply love and hate the partner. Opportunities are not given to us, so we create them for ourselves. 

*What kind of message, feeling do you try to convey with your music?
Love each other, death waits around the corner with a rose between his teeth.

*On stage Selofan present a theatrical  concept with their performances .I think there is  a specific  aesthetic. What can you say about it?
The theatrical part is mixed up with the personal element, we walk on our own path but also reinvent ourselves once on stage. The concept is improvisation and we are lucky to have friends, who inspire us by just being who they are part of this project by performing on stage and in our videos. 

*Your music is an amalgam  of diverse music structures and moods, that sometimes gives to the listener  a deep romantic sensibility and sometimes is cold ,giving  the feeling of despair and suffocation . What does inspire you to pursue this sound?
Our emotional world is the leading energy, our lifetime’s experience, we are romantic realists.

*Some songs are in German, others in English and some others in Greek language. How do you choose the language for each song?
We don’t, the language chooses the song itself. The audience in Athens can be strict with bands using the Greek language, either they warmly support or they totally reject them. For us music and the feeling it transfers is universal as long as it is honest and we consider multilingualism as a gift.

*You are about to give a concert in Athens on 16 April @DeathDisco. How do you feel about it and about playing with the talented female German duo ‘Monowelt’?
We can’t wait. Athens is the concert we always get more emotional about, because it is the only place where the audience understands us 100%, not only because of the elimination of the language barriers, but also because most of them are close friends, so that it feels more like a private party, happening only once a year, where we want to be good hosts. That is why we invest more time to prepare this show and it is the only show which includes a unique surprise-performance. Monowelt is our new favorite band from the 80s..:) Beside the fact that the girls are lovely, they really sound like coming from another time and we are looking forward to their live show.

*What are your plans for the next months?
To squeeze out of our every-day madness more time for ourselves and our music, in terms of live-show-plans, next one is the Wave Gotik Treffen.