The first gig produced by DieSeele took place the last Saturday at DeathDisco venue. The Italian band Schonwald with the Greek duet Paradox Obscur  on stage.

The couple Luca and Alessandra  delivered  its ethereal and sensual post-punk, all in hypnotic, minimalist, strained atmospheres reminded us bands like : ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’,KVB, My Bloody Valentine.The icy voice of Alessandra  accompanied by low octave synthesizers and the shoegaze guitar of Luca sending rhythmic concoctions to the audience, which was hypnotized by their beautiful sounds. Alessandra  was very expressive on stage and  also her voice was excellent  and all the people were very satisfied with their set.
 But before Schonwald started, a band that many people here in Athens wanted to see live-the duo Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor,Paradox Obscur. 

Dancy ebm and minimal synth tunes accompanied by Anna’s passionate voice captivated us for about 45 min . The highlights : ‘flesh’ , ‘scurge’ , ‘drone’ . 
Anna also offered us three songs from her last personal album as Kriistal Ann ‘Cultural Bleeding’,so we enjoyed a more ethereal part with ‘killing jokes’ , my personal favourite ‘fading lights’ and the collaboration with Schonwald ‘fail of misery’ which performed by Luca Bandini on guitar. 
We are looking forward to the new work by Paradox obscur ,also Anna's new collaborations and works .
I like to thank the two groups that accept our invitation and all the people  were with us this Saturday..

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