The main exponents of Athenian dark / minimal wave scene SELOFAN gave another great live performance "in the dark" of Death Disco. Ioanna  on vocals and synths and Dimitris  on vocals, bass,saxophone and  synths  last Saturday presented "In The Darkness", their 3rd album  on the stage of a full of people club.The greek retro intro gave the place to the first song ‘schwarz’  which   gave us a perfect idea of what we will expect  in this evening.

They separated the concert into  two parts. In the first part they remined us the best moments of their previous albums such as ‘fosforizo’, ‘love is a mental suicide’ and in the second part  they presented more their last album. The duet had no difficulties creating gloomy romantic atmosphere heavily influenced by 80’s post punk and minimal wave music and  awakening  our emotions. Rythmic  basslines ,icy synths, poetic  lyrics , all parts of a unique  presentation and a  perfect combination to express their emotions . This show was also accompanied by visuals ,dancers and performers which was creating a unique atmosphere following with the best way the slogan "In the dark all just seem more romantic."

Personal favourites  of the show the songs  ‘you should learn how to leave’ , ‘the wheels of love’, ‘schwarz’ and ‘fosforizo’.

 In conclusion, a great show by the duo and comparing it with their first performance,  I think they have made many steps ahead both in the sound and the stage performance and perhaps they have become the biggest name in Fabrika label .
About 22.30 the opening act by the female duo Monowelt took place on DeathDisco stage. After the first song , they exceeded the initial stress and then gave their best and the nostalgic and cold wave style of the music that the band was trying to revive with successful effort brought an overpowering acceptance by the audience . I was surprised by their new song ‘cut the cord’ that show us the new direction of their sound into a more synth romantic style . Another highlight was ‘ohne abschied’ with the theatrical and experimental presentation as you can see from the video below. They left me an excellent impression and I think in the future they can give us exceptional music. Well-done girls!!