Hanging Gardens are a duo from France, formed in 2012 by Nadia B. (lyrics and vocal performances) and Loic V. (guitars, bass, other instruments and sound effects). On December 2015, they self-released their first EP “Corpus 2.0” on cd and digital format.
Hanging Gardens deliver a very modern cold wave sound, based primarily on Nadia’s theatrical vocal performances, expressing her emotional lyrics and perfectly accompanied by Loic’s guitar-playing and other sound treatments, which produce a dramatic atmosphere.
Their sound is hypnotic and mesmerizing, but at the same time it is commanding and dominant, due to Nadia’s characteristic way of articulating her spoken words and lyrics. Very emotional and expressive, Nadia has a unique talent in reciting her poetry, narrating her personal thoughts and simultaneously singing her lyrics. In addition, Loic provides an ideal musical background which fits perfectly, not too weak to be secondary, but not too strong to overwhelm. It seems that the duo have found a perfect balance in their song creation process, resulting in a music style that is not ordinary and immediately stands out.
The cd version of “Corpus 2.0” runs about 22 minutes and consists of 4 songs with lyrics in French and also includes the older song “Videodrome” with lyrics in English. All 5 songs seem to have their own personality and are representative of the band’s characteristic musical style. My personal favorite would be “Ecchymose” because of its great slow-paced anticipating overture and then its galloping climax. “Corpus” is probably the best and most representative song, a well-made solid musical composition featuring the band at their best. “Melaina Kole” with its weird rhythms and noises really produces a dramatic effect and finally “Exit” delivers the band’s strongest moments and darkest soundscapes.

Hanging Gardens seem to be very focused and patient in their work, giving great attention to everything they do according their own artistic taste. A very special musical output, totally worth of our pure love to grow stronger!

Review by Stefan Stavrides
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