photo by Roman Rütten 

music composed and arranged by silentport July 2016
vocals by lady ghost/laura agerli and silentport/r. ruetten

lyrics by lory fayer

" A misunderstanding, a sudden insight and the feeling of guilt...... all is in the lyric"

My Guilt

I must tell you that my only crime
is that I have taken too much time
to look inside your heart and read
to understand all the things unsaid
I mistook hesitations with conceit
I confused your fears with a cheat
I failed too often to get the essence
being misleaded by the appearance

If I'd have been able to realize before
that all those signs meant much more
the emotions inside a chest of silence
and your unfulfilled need for reliance
all the things dreamt without asking
because too often we are masking
the reasons laying behind any action
a language waiting for a translation

I didn't know that the price to pay
was to guess why you walked away
that it doens'nt matter my endeavor
I have lost your blind trust forever
today even if a weak smile sprouts
my words are filtered by your doubts
endangered by my foolish reactions

I feel the weight of my infraction