The journey through the darker atmospheres continues: Vlimmer is back with a new 5-track EP from his 18 EP series. On the fifth part, entitled “lllll”, the Darkgaze/Darkwave/Postpunk/Drone one-man band from Berlin kicks off with an echoed synthesizer and airy washed out vocals which almost seem to invoke ghosts. ”Zielschwund” is a fast paced 9 minute song which embraces solitude before the motorik beat leads into a goth-like chorus and an almost 80s-sounding keyboard motif which could be something for people who like the soundtrack of the fabulous Netflix series “Stranger Things”.
While, lyrically, heavy rain is pouring down during the whole song, everything ends: flora, fauna, the population. The song closes with a 3-minute haze of drone full of twilight and fever dreaming. Vlimmer anaesthetises the senses.

“lllll” is due out on 2 September as CD, cassette or download.