Julinko was born in Prague in the spring of 2015.
The world it evokes orbits around symbols, myths, allusions and oddities.Circling in a perpetual burbling ambivalence that oscillates from dreamy drone songwriting to proto-punk vibrations, the lo-fi roughness and intensity of its music cast a freezing atmosphere and a caress at once. The penetrating electric guitar of Giulia Parin, author of the songs and lyrics, resounds sharply and deeply to slowly die away, absorbed by a gloomy voice that acute and whispering, flows together with the music. Meanwhile, through guitar, accordion and percussions, Carlo Veneziano, co-writer of the music, strengthens the songs' atmospheres creating dense and grim noises, rythmics and melodies.
Julinko's first album “Hidden Omens” was released in September 2015 in limited cassette version by the Czech Label  “Stoned to Death”. “Sweet Demon”  has been released since October 10th 2016 in collaboration with the italian Tiny Speaker records.

With “Sweet Demon” Julinko expands and pushes forward its peculiar mesmeric quest, recombining the distinctive elements of its music in a deepening obscure and minimalistic light. Alternated ethereal and ferocious guitars work together in the creation of shadowy and solid backgrounds. From the claustrophobic abysmal darkness looming from the abysses, the rhythmic rides of Carlo Veneziano materialize, led by the voice of Giulia Parin, a chant which is like an invocation, the hymn of an ancient pagan rite. The sounds melt together evocatively, as the colours of a Nordic landscape do. Light and shadow, good and evil, reality and dream blend together, while everything is slowly turning into a demonic dance, the last possible ritual of a time vibrating still with impetuous atavisms.

File under: Dark folk, Experimental, drone.  Enjoy it